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Introduction to Sustainability Science

  • 7.5 credits

Sustainability science is a problem focused trans-disciplinary research field. It draws from biology, social sciences, economics, geology and atmospheric sciences amongst others to fundamentally understand how humanity can develop activities and core values within a safe operating space of the planet.

In this course you will learn

The challenges of the Anthropocene

How humanity can reconnect to the biosphere To understand complex adaptive systems The tools of management and governance

All concepts are illustrated by conceptual explanations as well as woven into the narrative of well studied case studies.

This online course consists of a set of video and audio lectures with online quizzes for evaluation. During the course you will write 3 essays based on the content that will be graded.

The course is a part-time course (50%) given during the period January-March.

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.