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Governance and Management of Social-Ecological Systems

  • 15 credits

This course explores the various ways of analyzing how people make choices, use the rules and learn to control and manage social-ecological systems.

The course combines an economic approach to uncertainty, approches in ecosystem management that enables learning, how institutional choices shape the administration and how, through various forms of control can adapt to the social-ecological changes. Successful examples of changed management and governance are explored.

  • Course structure


    The course consists of the following four modules:

    7. Transformative strategies for governance (4 ECTS)
    8. Economic perspectives (4 ECTS)
    9. Theories and methods for governance of the commons (3 ECTS)
    10. Adaptive processes in social-ecological systems (4 ECTS)

    Teaching format

    Teaching consists of lectures, group exercises and seminars. Participation on group exercises and seminars and and activities associated with this is compulsory.


    Measurement of knowledge takes place through written and oral presentations and activity at seminars.


    Thomas Hahn


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