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Creative Writing in English

In this course, you will have the opportunity to develop your writing skills in a series of seminars and workshops. The theory segment will start with “reading like a writer” sessions in which we will analyse major elements of craft: characterization, show-don’t-tell, openings&endings, structure, setting, and style. You will write a number of exercises during the course and one short story, which will be workshopped in the second half of the term. It is crucial to come to the seminars well prepared and be active.

  • Course structure

    Course description for spring term 2024 to follow.

    Teaching format

    The teaching comprises seminars and workshops. Active participation is expected from students in all teaching formats in order to pass the examination. Students will often work with different tasks and assignments during the teaching sessions in preparation for the examination. Apart from scheduled teaching, time will be spent reading course literature and completing mandatory assignments.


    Oral assignments and written assignments.


    Adnan Mahmutović

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  • Contact

    Teacher: Adnan Mahmutović

    Student Affairs Office