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Climate Change - a geological perspective, Introductory Course

  • 7.5 credits

"Climate change – a geological perspective is a popular science course about the geological processes which control Earth’s climate and about how the climate has changed throughout Earth’s history.

The rapidity of ongoing global warming will be viewed in the context of geological time. Geological climate change solutions (e.g. carbon capture storage) will also be covered in the course. Course participants will learn about some of the latest research on climate which is being done at Stockholm University. The course comprises evening lectures and an excursion to find traces of climate change in the past that are recorded in the sediments and rocks of Sweden.

Spring term 2020, this course is given during evening time, 25% on campus in Swedish.

Summer term 2020, this course is given by distance, 50% in English.
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Fall term 2020, this course is given by distance, 25%, in English with no compulsory meetings.

iconExcursion is only for the Spring term 2020

For more information about the excursion please visit the Swedish course page.

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    Alasdair SkeltonProfessor of Geochemistry and petrology
    Alasdair Skelton
    +46 (0)8 16 47 50 | Room: R425