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Italian, Reading and Listening Comprehension

You improve your reading comprehension by reading a novel and practise your listening comprehension by watching an Italian film. You get the chance to develop your oral and writing skills in Italian by discussing and commenting on the contents in the material at hand.

By reading a novel and newspaper articles you get better insight in the Italian society. You practise talking, reading, writing and listening to contemporary Italian. This is a distance course where Zoom is used and you have individual meetings with your teacher during the term. The course is optimal if you have studied our Preparatory course 2 in Italian or Italian Step 2 at high school and it prepares you for our course Italian 1. Please note that this course cannot be included in Italian 1 (30 credits).

  • Course structure

    Distance teaching, also the oral and written exams.

    Teaching format

    Teaching in Italian.


    All assessments are on line.  


    Paolo Sancini

  • Schedule

    The schedule will be available no later than one month before the start of the course. We do not recommend print-outs as changes can occur. At the start of the course, your department will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.
  • Course reports

  • Meet us

    Meet our teachers

    Paolo Sancini