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Research Trends in Toxicology

This unique course builds on basic toxicological principles taught in “Toxicology for Environmental Sciences” and introduces students to modern techniques and research directions in toxicology today.

Through lectures, discussion, and student-led journal clubs - examining current research trends and cutting-edge research questions - you will be encouraged to critically evaluate peer-review papers, and to apply your knowledge or ask critical questions while thinking like a researcher.

Research Trends in Toxicology

This course offers insight into how today’s toxicologists approach the most crucial questions in their fields. You will learn how the principles of toxicology can be used to develope innovative hypothesis-driven research experiments, and be introduced to new techniques and biological phenomena that deepen our understanding of how toxicants, or mixtures of toxicants, may be impacting health of people and the environment. By the end of this class you will be able to develop and communicate your own modern research proposal on a topic of your choosing.

Required course for MSc in Environmental Science, Elective course in the natural sciences