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Mathematics III - Foundations of Analysis

As the name implies, this course focuses on the foundations of analysis. After taking the course, you are expected to be able to demonstrate a deep and thorough acquaintance with mathematical analysis in R^n.

This course is one of the requirements for eligibility to our Master's Programme in Mathematics.

The course treats real numbers, theorems on continuous functions on compact intervals, derivation and integration in R^n, series of functions, uniform convergence, implicit functions. The course aims at giving a deeper understanding of the foundations of real analysis.

Information for admitted students summer 2023

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics! Here is some important information for those who are admitted to our courses this summer.


To take part in the course you must register in Ladok between Monday 8/5 and Monday 12/6.

Register for the course in Ladok

Do you not want to take the course?

If you don't want to take the course, please decline your place on, so that your place can be given to another student.

Course page and course literature

The main source of information during the course will be the course page, which you can find at The course page usually opens a week before the course begins.

Information about course literature can be found in the list of course literature, or further down on this page.

Code of honour and rules for examination

As a student at the Department of Mathematics you should be familiar with our code of honour, and act accordingly.


Though the course is not taught on campus, the exam is on campus, and you can find the dates in the schedule further down on the page. Please note that you have to sign up for the exam in order to take it! You can sign up starting a month before the exam, and the deadline is 10 days before.

Regarding conditional eligibility for the autumn 2023

If you are taking MM5020 Mathematics III - Abstract Algebra and/or MM5021 Mathematics III - Foundations of Analysis this summer in order to qualify for our Master's Programme in Mathematics or separate courses at master level this autumn, you need to pass the exam or exams in August to be eligible for your studies in the autumn!

The re-take exams will be later in the autumn, after the programme and master courses (which start on 28 August) have already been going for some time, so passing Abstract algebra and/or Foundations of analysis at the re-take exams will be too late.

More information

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