New student

Welcome to our new students at the Department of Mathematics! On this page you can find useful information for starting you studies, about for instance admission, registration, course literature and course web.

We hope that you will enjoy your studies at our department. Before you begin there are some things you need to know.

See also the university's checklist for new students

For information that is useful during your studies, about for instance exams, our code of honour, student representation, IT resources, our video archive and what to do if you wish to discontinue or re-register for a course, see During your studies.


Activate your university account

To get access to IT services you must activate your university account, and order a university card.

Activate your university account and order a university card


Register for courses and programmes

To keep you place on a course you have to register online, via Ladok. You need to be registered in order to take part in exams and get credits for the course. If you do not register, your place can go to a reserve.

Register online in Ladok

Online registration generally opens a few weeks before the start of the semester. For most courses, online registration is open until about a week after the course starts, but for the following courses online registration closes earlier, a week or so before the start of the semester:

  • Mathematics I (only given in Swedish).
  • Courses in computer science and scientific computing that are given at KTH.

Once online registration is open, you can see in Ladok how long you have until it closes. See also the information to newly admitted students which can be found on the course's page in the course catalogue.

In some cases you cannot register online.


Usually you cannot register online for a programme but must instead attend a compulsory meeting, a week or so before the semester starts. If you are admitted to a programme, we will e-mail you with more information about this.

Degree projects

If you are admitted to a degree project in mathematical statistics, you register online. For degree projects in mathematics or computer science it is not usually possible to register online, instead we will register you once your project plan has been approved.

Exchange students

If you are an exchange student you cannot register online, instead we will register you. Ask the exchange coordinator if you have questions about this.


Conditionally admitted or deleted from course

When you apply for a course or a programme you will, after the application process is complete, get a notification of your admission status. Your status will be "admitted", "conditionally admitted" or "deleted from course". Here you can find information about the latter two cases.

You can also be placed on a reserve list, with or without condition, in which case you may be offered a place later, around the start of the semester.

You can be conditionally admitted either because you need to pay a tuition fee, or because you have not finished all courses that are given as special eligibility requirements for the course or programme you have applied for. In order to take the course or programme, you must fulfil the condition (i.e., pay your tuition fee and/or complete the relevant courses) before the start of the course or programme to which you are conditionally admitted.

More on tuition fees in the pre-departure to-do list

If you are conditionally admitted because there are some courses you have not finished, but you expect the results from these to be reported into Ladok before the course you have applied to starts, we will usually remove the condition without you needing to contact us.

You should contact the student advisors before online registration closes if the condition still remains and you have not been able to register online. In particular, you may need to contact us in these cases:

  • If you are waiting for results from abroad these will not be visible in Ladok and you will need to contact us when you have them.
  • If you are of the opinion that you fulfil the requirements for the course already, or if you are unsure of what is missing.

Please note that we cannot remove conditions before the second notification of selection results has been published.

If you do not meet the entry requirements at the time of application, and it is not likely that you will have time to become eligible by course start, your admission status will be set to "unqualified", and your application will be deleted. If you feel that your eligibility has not been judged properly, contact the student advisors.

It is best if you contact us directly after you have been notified of you admission status. We cannot guarantee a place for you after first notification of selection results, even if it turns out that you do fulfil the eligibility requirements.

Another reason for a deleted application is that you already have been admitted to courses with higher priority. You can be admitted to at most 45 ECTS credits per term. If your application has been deleted for this reason you can reapply, if the course or programme opens for late application.

Information on reapplying on


Course literature

You can find information about course literature in the course catalogue, but we also have a list here:

List of course literature at the Department of Mathematics


Course web and schedules

We don't use Athena, instead you can find our course webpages on

You can find links to course schedules in the course catalogue, or you can search by course code in TimeEdit.

Course catalogue
Schedules in TimeEdit

Courses given jointly with KTH may have their course web and schedule at KTH, in which case you can find information in the course catalogue or we will send out information before the course starts.


Studying with a disability

Students with disabilities may be eligible for different types of support in their studies. We recommend that you start the process of applying for support as soon as you have been admitted to a course or programme at the Department of Mathematics (and, if you are applying in the second admissions round, have replied to your offer).

  1. Follow the instructions under: Apply for support and adaptations.
  2. Contact the department at, attaching your certificate with recommended types of support.
  3. You will get a reply about how this support will work in practice at the Department of Mathematics.

Our location

Students in conversation on the terrace in Albano.
The terrace in Albano, where we will be moving during the summer. Photo: Jens Olof Lasthein

The Department of Mathematics can be found, for a little while longer in house 5 and 6 in Kräftriket, which lies south of the Frescati campus, to the west of the Albano campus, by the lake Brunnsviken. During the summer we will move to building 1 in Albano, on the other side of Roslagsvägen.

Public transport

Our closest metro station is Universitetet, about a kilometer's walk from Kräftriket. The bus stop Albano is closer, and you can take bus 670 from Tekniska högskolan, or bus 50 from e.g. Odenplan (you can also take these buses from Universitetet to Albano, if you are coming from that direction).

Find the Department of Mathematics
Finding your way on Stockholm University campus
Stockholm public transport (SL)

In house 5 there is a student kitchen with microwaves. There are also some places in the area where you can buy lunch.

You can also find restaurants and cafés on Frescati campus, and in the Bergius Botanic Garden.


House 5, where most lecture rooms are located, is open on weekdays during the semesters. Students that are registered on a course or a programme (including exchange students) at the Department of Mathematics can get an access card that gives entry to our computer lab (room 42), and to house 5 on evenings and weekends.

The access card costs 100 SEK, only cash is accepted. If you are registered on a master's programme at the Department of Mathematics, you also get access to the research library. The card must be renewed every semester.

The access card can be purchased and renewed at the Student affairs office. When you renew it you do not need to pay again.




Student affairs office
Student advisor in mathematics and mathematical statistics
Student advisor in computer science and scientific computing
Student advisor for students needing special pedagogical support
Student advisor for the teacher education program
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