This page is a complement to the Stockholm University staff web, for employees at the Department of Mathematics.

Much of the information below can also be found on the staff web.

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Our internal web for employees at the Department of Mathematics is in Moodle, and you log in with your university account.

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For all employees

Here you can find information about terms of employment, benefits, illness, holidays etc.

Stockholm University is to be characterised by its excellent environment for work and study. All employees and students shall be treated equally and with respect.

Equal treatment

On your first day of sickness, you must make a report of sickness via Primula. Even if you don't know how long you will be away, it is important for the first day to be registered. You also need to notify your head of division when you are sick. In the event of longer sick leave you need to hand in a doctor's certificate. You should send this to your head of division or to the personnel administrator, by post or e-mail.

Once you have recovered, it is just as important to make a return to work report in Primula. There is also a form, ”Försäkran i samband med sjukdomsfall”, which must be filled out and given to the personnel administrator (Kristina). This form can be found on the staff web (in Swedish, contact Kristina if you need help filling it out).

If you have any questions, or if you cannot make a report of sickness yourself, contact your head of division or Kristina and they will help.

Sickness checklist
Illness and medical expenses
Occupational health care

Secondary employment means any activity alongside a staff member’s work that cannot be regarded as part of his or her private life. Secondary employment can be either paid or unpaid.

Employees should report secondary employment in the HR system Primula. Teachers should do this continuously and on their own initiative. Other employees are only required to report secondary employment in Primula if the employer requests it.

Secondary employment

In You and Your Workplace you will get an overview of the terms of employment at Stockholm University. People working at Stockholm University can find information on terms of employment, benefits, and other subjects like equality, the workplace, and the environment on web page for personnel.

You and Your Workplace

You receive paid vacation for the time that corresponds to your work during the calendar year. The number of vacation days you are entitled to depends on your age.


You can also be granted leave, with or without pay, for various reasons. This can be for instance parental leave or study leave, but also things like medical visits, moving house or matters within the family.


As an employee at Stockholm University, you have the right to wellness. The offer is aimed at all employees and consists of four parts:

  • wellness hour
  • wellness benefit
  • group training in the Frescatihallen
  • training in the staff gym (for a fee).




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