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We offer high quality education at all levels in mathematics, mathematical statistics, computer science and scientific computing. With us you can choose to study mathematics on its own, or together with one of your other favourite subjects.

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Mathematics is a scientific tool which is constantly developing, and in the IT sector there is a great need for people with good computer science skills. In mathematical statistics you learn to make conclusions from incomplete data and to find patterns in large data sets. You can use you skills in these subjects in practice by, among other things, taking part in the developing fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. With an academic education in mathematics, mathematical statistics and/or computer science you have a lot to offer on the job market, and people with these skills are needed.

Courses and programmes

Course list overview: all our courses and when they are usually offered


Our masters' programmes

We have three masters' programmes that are given in English: one in mathematics, one in mathematical statistics and machine learning, and one in biostatistics and data science. It is also possible to take freestanding courses, including some first cycle (bachelor's level) courses which are given in English.

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The Master's programme in Mathematics is a joint initiative by the Departments of Mathematics at Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), and leads to a joint degree. The programme is meant to provide a strong background in the mathematical sciences. It prepares for PhD studies (e.g. at KTH or SU) in mathematics or related subjects, and for research and development in the industry and business sectors.

Read more about the programme here:

Master's Programme in Mathematics (NMKLO)

Mathematical statistics is considered one of the most important tools in applied mathematics and our MSc programme offers you a broad platform, with courses in classical mathematical statistics and more recent courses in statistical learning, and with vast opportunities to specialise and form a unique profile.

This programme is an excellent preparation for PhD studies, but our graduates also work with risk analysis in the insurance and financial sector, statistical analysis in medicinal science, climatology and probability calculations in the telecommunication industry. Many employers nowadays also need people who can use statistical learning to deal with large amounts of data, and data science is a common field for our alumni.

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Master's Programme in Mathematical Statistics and Machine Learning (NMSMM)

The Master's Programme in Biostatistics and Data Science offers a unique combination of biostatistics and data science. Students with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related disciplines, are provided with the skills to solve problems in biology, medicine, and public health.

The programme is offered jointly by Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Stockholm University.

Master's Programme in Biostatistics and Data Science (NBIDM)


What is it like to study in Stockholm?

The reasons to study at Stockholm University are many. Read more about them, about student life at Stockholm University, and about how to apply in the links below.

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Exchange studies

Each year we receive around 40-50 exchange students from our partner universities. If you wish to come to us as an exchange student, you must apply through your home university.

Incoming exchange students to the Department of Mathematics
General information for exchange students at Stockholm University


PhD studies

The PhD education is a four year program intended to teach the methods of mathematical research. PhD student positions in mathematics, mathematical statistics and computational mathematics are usually announced in April each year.

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After your studies at the Department of Mathematics there are good opportunities for work both in the public sector and in industry. Mathematical skills are needed all over the world and there are many employers and companies that are looking for the kind of skills that you aquire studying with us. In particular, mathematics is a wonderful technique for problem solving, and therefor very useful in all sorts of contexts.

Every spring we arrange, together with the Departments of Physics, Astronomy and more recently also Meteorology, a career fair for our students, where you get a chance to find out more about career options, and to connect with potential future employers. Usually, some of the talks are in Swedish and some are in English.

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We are sometimes contacted by companies with offers of jobs, internships or similar which might be of interest to our students. In order to be able to share these we have created a "course" page, with a forum where we can write about such offers. If you activate yourself on this page (which requires an SU-account but is otherwise open for anyone) you will receive an email every time we write in the forum.

Please note that we will post the offers as they are sent to us, and will not translate them, so many of them will probably be in Swedish.

Career forum



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