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The Department of Mathematics has moved, during the summer 2022, to new premises in house 1 in Albano. Albano is in the National City Park between the commuter railway Roslagsbanan and the road Roslagsvägen, just north of Roslagstull. Below you can see how to get to us and how to find your way around.

Albano stairs
Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

During the summer 2022, the department has moved to house 1 in the the new campus Albano. Most of our new offices are on floor 3, and some are on floor 2. You need an access card to enter the office spaces. On floor 3 you can also find our seminar room (the Cramér room), the mathematical library and our student office and study advisors.

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Find our department

Albano can be found just south of the Frescati campus, at walking distance from either of the stations Universitetet or Tekniska högskolan (the exit to the north is closest) on the Metro red line. The distance is about the same from both stations. You can also get here by bicycle, bus or car.

Map of Albano (Google maps)

Map using, which shows the buildings in Albano better

Stockholm has an extensive public transportation system. You can use Stockholm Transportation's journey planner to find out how to get to the Department of Mathematics. The nearest bus stop is called Albano. The Metro stations Universitetet and Tekniska högskolan are just over 1 kilometer away.

The most frequent buses that go to Albano are bus 50 (from, for example, Odenplan) or bus 670 (from Tekniska högskolan). You can also take these in the other direction from Universitetet. Another option is bus 61 to Ruddammen, which is above AlbaNova. There are a few other buses to Albano depending on where you are commuting from, but please note that some buses from Tekniska högskolan are express buses and you can't get off these at Albano going out from town, so ask the bus driver when you get on if you are unsure.

The closest train station is Stockholm Central. From there you can get to Albano by public transport, see above.

Find your journey and buy tickets from SJ

The main international airport in the Stockholm area is Arlanda. From Arlanda you can get to Stockholm by Arlanda Express train or Flygbussarna Airport Coaches, or by SL's commuter trains.

Other airports in the Stockholm area are Bromma and Skavsta.


Find your way around

Most of our offices are on floor 3, and some on floor 2, of house 1 in Albano. Only employees have access to the office area, so if you want to visit someone in particular you will need to book a meeting and be let in.

The student office and study advisors have drop-in times some days of the week, on floor 3 of house 1 (the door is close to the lifts and the stairs). Details about this can be found on the page with contact details for questions regarding education.

On floor 3 you can also find our seminar room (the Cramér room) and the mathematical library (see below). Here, too, visitors need to be let in, though the door to the seminar room may be unlocked during seminars.

There are a number of entrances to the premises of the Department of Mathematics, most of them are at one end of the big open space in the middle of house 1, with a glass roof and windows towards the lake. (Please note that the entrances are usually locked, so if you don't have an access card you need someone to let you in.)

  • On one side of the open space, close to a glass cabinet with an exhibition about Sonja Kovalevsky, there are two entrances:
    • One door next to the cabinet leads to the Cramér room (where we have seminars and some lectures), and this is also the entrance closest to the Kovalevsky room (which is also sometimes used for seminars).
    • One door leading into a corridor that is parallel to the open space, this entrance is close to the Mittag-Leffler meeting room.
  • On the other side of the open space you can find the Student office for the Department of Mathematics. The student office and study advisors have drop in times here, and booked meetings with study advisors and administrators are usually also in this room.
  • Just next to the Student office there is a door into another corridor that is parallel to the open space.
  • The entrance to the library at the Department of Mathematics is in the direction of house 2, just opposite the lift that goes to conference room Pärlan.
  • There is also a lift at the far end of the open space, by the exit to Roslagsvägen, which if you go up to floor 3 (which requires an access card) leads into the Department of Mathematics.


Shelf of old books.
Photo: Niklas Björling

The library at the Department of Mathematics is found on floor 3, house 1, Albano. It is connected to the department's office area but also has an external door close to the connecting door between house 1 and 2.

For contact details and opening hours for the library, please see


Spaces for students in Albano

Besides offices and lecture rooms, Albano (houses 1, 2 and 4) also has plenty of study spaces for students, including group rooms that you can book via

There are changing rooms with showers for students on floors 2 and 3 in house 1. (Changing rooms for employees are on floor 1.)

You can also find student kitchens (with microwaves and taps), coffee machines and recycling stations in various places in Albano.

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