During your studies

On this page, you who are admitted and registered to a course or a programme with us can find important and useful information during your studies.

Here we have collected information about exams, our code of honour, student representation, IT resources, our video archive and what to do if you wish to discontinue your studies, take a break or re-register for a course you have been registered for before.

For information that is good to know before starting your studies, about things like admission, registration, course literature, course web, schedules and studying with a disability, see New student.


Exam information

The most common form of examination is a written exam in a classroom. Other examination types, such as oral exams, hand-in problems, computer exercises and presentations also occur as a complement or an alternative to the written exam. If so, you can find specific information about deadlines and other practicalities on the course web.

Exam schedule

In order to be allowed to participate in a written examination you have to have signed up for the exam via Ladok. You cannot show up for the exam without having signed up, and we do not accept any late applications!

If you cannot sign up, you probably don't have a current registration on the course. If you have a previous registration, contact our Student Affairs Office for re-registration.

If it turns out that you cannot attend, please unregister for the exam in Ladok.

When and how can I sign up?

You sign up via Ladok. In most cases the sign up function is activated four weeks before the examination and closed 8 days before (at 23:59).

Exception: If you are taking a course KTH given by Stockholm University you must sign up for the exam via KTH - see below.

Sign up for exams at KTH

If you follow a course at KTH given by Stockholm University, you register for examinations by following the links below.

Schedule for exams and registration at KTH
Courses in mathematics or scientific computing
Courses in computer science

Students at Stockholm University should be familiar with the rules that apply to written examinations.

Regulations for written seated examination

In the university's document Regulations for education and examination at first-cycle and second-cycle level you can find, among other things, rules about setting and altering grades.

Moreover, you as a student at the Department of Mathematics should be familiar with the Faculty of Science's Ethical Guidelines and the Department of Mathematics' Code of Honour, which you can read about further down the page.

See also Guidelines for disciplinary matters at Stockholm University

Good to know before the exam

  • Should you need special support, contact us well in advance - you can find more information about this on the page New student.
  • In some cases it may be possible to take exams elsewhere, e.g., at another university, or at a Swedish embassy or consulate if you are abroad. Contact the Student Affairs Office for more information on this.
  • Bring valid ID. If you are unable to show a valid ID you will not be allowed to take the exam.
  • Exams are anonymous, and you will get an identification code either when signing up or when arriving for the exam, and when correcting the exam the teacher can only see this code, not any other identification.

Time and place for the exam

  • Most of our exams are 5 hours long. To find out which room your exam will be in, which place you have been assigned and more information about the exam, see: Examination service website

After the exam

  • Information about exam return date can generally be found on the question sheet. If you have questions, contact the examiner.
  • Your grade will show up in Ladok within three weeks.
  • Once your grade has shown up in Ladok, you can send a request to get your exam back, and we will send it to you by e-mail.  Please note that it can take up to a week after the exams has been handed over by the examiner before it's being sent out to you. Request your exam here: Survey for requesting exams

Here you can find information about examiners for the respective departments during the academic years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022.

Examinatorer 21-22, matematik (pdf) (75 Kb)
Examinatorer 21-22, matematisk statistik (pdf) (67 Kb)
Examinatorer 21-22, beräkningsmatematik (pdf) (48 Kb)


Ethical Guidelines and Code of Honour

You as a student at the Department of Mathematics should be familiar with the Faculty of Science's Ethical Guidelines and the Department of Mathematics' Code of Honour, which were written to clarify and supplement the faculty guidelines. These apply not only to written seated exams but also to other forms of written examination, like computer laborations.

Code of honour, ethical guidelines and disciplinary matters at the Department of Mathematics


Your rights and responsibilities as a student

As a student at Stockholm University you have rights and responsibilities that come in part from laws and regulations and in part from local precepts.

Read about your rights and responsibilities as a student


Student representation

Students at the Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University are represented by the mathematical student council (Matematiska studentrådet, MSR).

You can reach MSR at msr@math.su.se.

MSR's page on kurser.math.su.se (in Swedish)

Course evaluations are an important way for us to find out what you think about courses you have taken. We send them out soon after each course has finished to those who have taken the course.

Course reports are filled in by the teacher.

Previous course evaluations and course reports


IT resources

Here is information about IT services at Stockholm University, the computer room at the Department of Mathematics, and some information regarding LaTeX, which can be used to produce documents with mathematical content.

The IT department is responsible for IT services and support to students at Stockholm University. They have information about computer rooms in Frescati, printers and copiers, software provided by the university, wi-fi, and more.

IT for students

The Department of Mathematics has a computer room in room 42, house 5 in Kräftriket. To access the lab you need an access card. The room may sometimes be booked for teaching.

Preliminary schedule for room 42

The Department of Mathematics encourages you as a student to familiarise yourself with LaTeX, a typesetting system with great support for mathematical notation. If you have not used LaTeX before, Overleaf might be a good place to start.


Overleaf, How-to Guides

And here is a longer introduction to Latex:

T. Oetiker, The not so short introduction to Latex


Video archive

The Department of Mathematics has a number of recorded lectures, which are available through OVI or Youtube. Many of the videos are in Swedish, but there are some in English as well, mainly on our Youtube channel.

Online Video Interface, OVI
Youtube channel, Department of Mathematics

Relevant video lectures for specific courses are also linked from the course webpages.


Discontinuing, pausing and re-registering

Here you can find information about discontinuing a course, taking a break in your studies and re-registering, which is required when you return to your studies after a break or if you need to re-take a course.

You can discontinue a course in Ladok. If less than three weeks have passed since the course began, your registration on the course is removed so that you can apply for it again at a later time.

You can now also discontinue a programme in Ladok. If you do so, any unfinished courses within the programme will also be discontinued.

If there are special circumstances, you can be granted a break from your studies with a guarantee to return to your studies later. This is only possible on a programme, not for individual courses. Contact the student advisors for more information on this.

Even if you take a break without having applied for, or without having been granted, a guarantee to return to your studies afterwards, it may still be possible to return to your studies. If so, you need to apply for re-registration.

If you have begun but not finished a course, and wish to re-take it at a later time, you need to apply for re-registration. In particular, this is needed so that you can sign up for exams that belong to a later course session.

You cannot be re-registered if you were admitted to a course but never registered for it, or if you discontinued the course in the first three weeks. Sometimes, the course may also have changed enough that it has a new course code. In these cases you must instead reapply for the course through Universityadmissions.se.

Only apply for re-registration if you really intend to take the course this session. Note that you are not guaranteed re-registration, this depends on whether there are places left on the course.

If you speak some Swedish, you can apply for re-registration via the forms on the Swedish version of this page. Otherwise, you can apply by email to the Student Affairs Office. Make sure to specify which course or courses you are interested in, preferably including the course code.



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