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Here you can find information about our seminar series, which are shown in the calendar at Stockholm Mathematics Centre. At the bottom of the page you will also find links to guests to our department in recent years.

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All of our seminar series can be found in the calendar at Stockholm Mathematics Centre, SMC.

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Seminar series in Mathematical statistics

Here is also a list of seminars in Mathematical statistics held since the middle of April 2020.

Upcoming seminars

Date Speaker University Location Title
15/05/2024 Matteo Sfragara Stockholm University Cramér room, campus Albano, house 1, floor 3 TBA
Date Seminar
13/03/2024 Andi Bodnariu, Stockholm University. Stochastic differential games and time-inconsistent problems.
06/03/2024 Martina Favero, Stockholm University. Stochastic processes in population genetics under strong selection.
21/02/2024 Jakob Björnberg, Chalmers and Göteborg University. Dimerisation in mirrors models and quantum spin chains.
24/01/2024 Tom Britton, Stockholm University. Improving the use of contact studies in infectious disease modelling.


Date Seminar
13/12/2023 Taras Bodnar, Stockholm University.
06/12/2023 Gaultier Lambert, KTH. Statistical properties of free fermions.
22/11/2023 Nils Enger, Stockholm University. Large exposure asymptotics in valuation and reserving.
01/11/2023 Arvid Sjölander, Karolinska Institute. Are E-values too optimistic or too pessimistic? Both and neither!
25/10/2023 Oliver Sandqvist, University of Copenaghen and PFA Pension. A multistate approach to disability insurance reserving and estimation with information delays.
04/10/2023 Wangjun Yuan, University of Luxemburg. Hitting probability of Gaussian random fields and collision of eigenvalues of random matrices.
20/09/2023 Sören Christensen, Christian-Albrechts University Kiel. The Role of Statistics in Data-Driven Stochastic Control.
13/09/2023 Dongni Zhang, Stockholm University. Network epidemic models with instantaneous digital contact tracing (CT) and manual CT allowing delay.
07/06/2023 Henning Zakrisson, Stockholm University. Multi-Parametric Gradient Boosting Machines with Non-Life Insurance Applications.
31/05/2023 Ola Hössjer, Stockholm University. A mathematical framework for learning and knowledge acquisition.
24/05/2023 Kevin Schnelli, KTH. Quantitative Tracy-Widom law for Wigner random matrices.
19/04/2023 Andi Bodnariu, Stockholm University. A controller-stopper game with hidden controller type.
05/04/2023 Johannes Heiny, Stockholm University. Recent advances on the spectrum of large sample correlation matrices
29/03/2023 Henrik Boström, KTH. Conformal Regressors and Predictive Systems - a Gentle Introduction
15/03/2023 Johan Wästlund, Chalmers University of Technology. A paradox in the game of darts
01/03/2023 Neofytos Rodosthenous, University College London. Non-zero-sum optimal stopping game with continuous versus periodic observations
22/02/2023 Ola Hammarlid, Swedbank. Computing the expected value using Monte Carlo simulation and stochastic separation of the integral
15/02/2023 Mohamed El Khalifi, Stockholm University. Extending SIRS epidemics to allow for gradual waning of immunity
09/02/2023 Júlia Komjáthy, TU Delft. Degree-dependent contact processes on graphs
25/01/2023 Tobias Wängberg, Stockholm University. Statistical methods for molecular tissue-profiling
11/01/2023 Rolf Sundberg, Stockholm University. Harald Cramér, Willy Feller, and the 'Institute' – between two world wars
Date Seminar
21/12/2022 Mathias Millberg Lindholm, Stockholm University. Pandemic mortality rates
14/12/2022 Christian Furrer, University of Copenhagen. Expert Kaplan-Meier estimation
30/11/2022 Tom Britton, Stockholm University. Semi-directed graphs and their relation to epidemic models
26/11/2022 Lina Palmborg, Stockholm University. Premium control with reinforcement learning
16/11/2022 Elnur Emrah, KTH. Recent advances in the coupling approach to the KPZ fluctuations
09/11/2022 Henrik Hult, KTH. On large deviations for stochastic approximations
12/10/2022 Dmitrii Silvestrov, Stockholm University. Perturbed Semi-Markov Type Processes
31/08/2022 Dongni Zhang, Stockholm University. Epidemic models with contact tracing: manual and digital tracing
22/06/2022 Matteo Sfragara, Stockholm University. Queue-based random-access protocols for wireless networks
15/06/2022 Carolina Fransson, Stockholm University. Multi-colour competition on a cycle
08/06/2022 Ben Bolker, McMaster University. No free lunch in inference
01/06/2022 Vilhelm Niklasson, Stockholm University. Bayesian portfolio selection and risk estimation (licentiate)
25/05/2022 Rangel Baldasso, Leiden University. Ballistic random walks in random dynamics
18/05/2022 Martin Bladt, University of Lausanne. Randomization and statistical expert information methods
11/05/2022 Henning Zakrisson, Stockholm University. Half time seminar: Machine learning methods in insurance and reserving
09/03/2022 Kristofer Lindensjö, Stockholm University. How to detect a salami slicer: a stochastic controller-stopper game with unknown competition
23/02/2022 Tobias Wängberg, Stockholm University. The Statistical Modelling of Gene Transcriptional Burst Kinetics
Date Seminar
15/12/2021 Taras Bodnar, Stockholm University. Shrinkage approaches in high-dimensional portfolio analysis: Estimation and test theory
08/12/2021 Bastian Prasse, ECDC. Epidemics on networks: from complicated structures to simple dynamics
01/12/2021 Martin Bladt, University of Lausanne. Matrix regression: models, algorithms, and applications
10/11/2021 Tom Britton, Stockholm University. Epidemic modeling during COVID-19: some selected topics
27/10/2021 Manon Michel, CNRS, LMBP Université Clermont-Auvergne (France). Using piecewise deterministic Markov processes in MCMC sampling
29/09/2021 Karim Barigou, ISFA in Lyon. Bayesian model averaging for mortality forecasting using leave-future-out validation
08/09/2021 Arvid Sjölander & Ola Hössjer, SU & Karolinska. Covariance inequalities, and bounds for causal effects under unmeasured confounding
16/06/2021 Martina Favero, SU. Some asymptotic results for the Kingman coalescent
09/06/2021 Lina Palmborg, SU. Licentiate defence. Modern developments in insurance: IFSR 17 and LSTM forecasting
28/05/2021 Hampus Engsner, SU. PhD Defence. Dynamic valuation of insurance cash flows subject to capital requirements
26/05/2021 Annika Lang, Chalmers University. The stochastic heat and wave equations on the sphere
20/05/2021 Gustav Alfelt, SU. PhD Defence. Modeling the covariance matrix of financial asset returns
24/03/2021 Claudine von Hallern, Kiel University. CompStat seminar. On the Numerical Approximation of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
10/02/2021 Tobias Rydén, SU. Data-driven rotation invariant shrinkage of covariance matrices with splines
Date Seminar
09/12/2020 Michael Höhle, SU. Risk Scoring in Digital Contact Tracing Apps
11/11/2020 Tom Britton, SU. The risk for a new COVID-19 wave - and how it depends on R_0, the current immunity level and current restrictions
04/11/2020 Hoang Nguyen, Örebro University. Vector autoregression models with fat tail and asymmetry
28/10/2020 Helmut Küchenhoff and Felix Günther, LMU Munich. Nowcasting the COVID-19 Pandemic in Bavaria
30/09/2020 Kristoffer Lindensjö, SU. Docent lecture. An introduction to the Itô integral
25/09/2020 Sebastian Rosengren, SU. PhD defence. Random graph and growth models
10/06/2020 Stanislas Muhinyuza, SU. PhD defence. Statistical Inference of Tangency Portfolio in Small and Large Dimension
27/05/2020 Tom Britton, SU. Basic reproduction numbers, effective reproduction numbers and herd immunity
13/05/2020 Vilhelm Niklasson, SU. Bayesian Quantile-Based Portfolio Selection
06/05/2020 Sebastian Rosengren, SU. A workshop series on machine learning
29/04/2020 Dmitry Otryakhin, SU. A survey on stable distributions: estimation and applications
29/04/2020 Sebastian Rosengren, SU. A workshop series on machine learning
15/04/2020 Mathias Millberg Lindolm, SU. Discrimination-Free Insurance Pricing

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