Here you can find information about our contacts with schools and industry.

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The Department of Mathematics interacts in several different ways with the rest of society. We offer advice in mathematical statistics (SFG). We also offer a number of services to schools, both for students and for teachers.



The Department of Mathematics offers mathematical statistical advice. The Statistical Research Group (SFG) is made up of teachers and researchers at the Division of Mathematical Statistics and provides statistical assistance and advice to researchers, companies and authorities. This is a non-profit activity.

Statistical Research Group (SFG)


Activities for schools

The Department of Mathematics is working in several different ways to reach students interested in mathematics in the Stockholm area. For example, a researcher can come to visit a school and talk about current research or some other interesting part of mathematics.

More information about activities for schools (in Swedish)



Are you an alumn of ours and interested in collaboration? We invite alumni to talk at our annual career day, and if you are interested in taking part we would love to hear from you!

Career day for mathematics, physics and computer science

You can also join the Stockholm University alumni network, which is open to anyone who has taken at least one course at Stockholm University.

Stockholm University alumni network




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