Statistical Research Group (SFG)

The Statistical Research Group (Statistiska forskningsgruppen, SFG) provides statistical support mainly to scientists, companies and government agencies.

SFG is managed by lecturers and researchers at the Division of Mathematical Statistics at the Department of Mathematics, on a non-profit basis. The overall purpose is to encourage the use of modern statistical methods in science and industry, and to be a complement to the education, by bringing students in contact with the diverse fields of application of modern statistics.


Services offered

We undertake both large and small tasks in the field of statistics and probability. Requests can, for example, relate to planning and statistical analysis of surveys and experiments, or calculations of probabilities in different contexts. Any branch of statistics can be involved, including biostatistics (such as clinical trials, epidemiology), chemometrics, official statistics (such as sample survey analysis), industrial statistics (such as quality control), econometrics and insurance and finance mathematics.

In terms of statistical methods we can help you out in areas such as linear regression, logistic regression, analysis of contingency tables, planning, sampling, multivariate analysis or analysis of lifetime data. However, we can not help clients with production of their data, by interviews or other forms of collection.

To some extent, we can also organise courses in statistics, which can be adapted to customer needs and wishes.


Core facility

The statistical consultancy service is a Core facility at the Faculty of Science at Stockholm University which means that graduate students, researchers and master students are offered statistical consulting free of charge.


Student participation

An important objective of the SFG is to let students of statistics participate in activities, for example by writing their theses in connection with a major project of ours. Under the qualified supervision by a senior statistician, this work gives the student a valuable introduction to their future profession.



A fixed per hour price normally applies to consultancy. If the task can be carried out by a student (under our supervision) we apply a reduced rate. For major orders, and for courses, prices are subject to negotiation.



To apply for consultation, contact SFG's director.

Director of the Statistical Research Group (SFG)
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