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Master's Programme in Mathematics

  • 120 credits

The Master's Programme in Mathematics is a joint programme between The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University, and it leads to a joint Master's degree.

Mathematics, together with astronomy, is one of the oldest sciences, and is more important now than ever before. New methods are developed continuously, and old problems are solved. Mathematics is a critical element in the development of society: with mathematics it is possible to calculate planetary orbits, to describe the growth of the world population, and to predict the melting pattern of the Arctic glaciers.

Mathematical education is applicable in all fields where advanced mathematical methods are used. Examples include numerical calculations in technology and natural sciences, estimation of probability, price setting in the financial sector and the development of algorithms used to ensure secure transfer of data.

The courses in the programme are organized in three blocks, followed by a Master's thesis. Each block corresponds to 30 ECTS. The blocks are evenly distributed over the study period, and are not taken in sequential order.

In the first block one course is chosen from each of the following subjects: algebra and geometry, analysis, topology, and discrete mathematics. The second block allows the student to specialize and get prepared for the Master's thesis. The third block includes compulsory courses in scientific methodology and in mathematical communication, and 15 ECTS courses of free choice.