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Master's Programme in Computer and Systems Sciences

This programme offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in IT Systems. You will not only learn the theories, methods and tools but also learn how to practice.

You will learn how to efficiently develop advanced computer systems and software systems using both agile and standard system development methods.

The programme helps you to develop soft skills along with technical skills such as understanding the needs of users, practicing in group dynamics and project management. The Programme is to a large extent project and problem oriented.

This programme is very diverse and offers you the opportunity to select from a variety of courses. Among the elective courses you will find courses in data mining, IT management, information security, business intelligence, decision analysis and IT project management. Additionally, you learn about scientific communication and research methodology. 

Introducing tracks

How it works
The track is there to help and guide you to select courses for a specialisation and give you the opportunity to write your thesis on the subject. A track is not compulsory to follow through and you do not choose a track. You just select the recommended courses from the track when it is time to read the elective courses in the programme outline. You can still decide later to read other courses in each period of elective courses.  

From autumn of 2022, you are able to follow a track in Applied distributed Internet of Things (IoT). The track focuses on the next generation of distributed IoT software systems for large-scale decentralized systems.

Courses included in this track:

  • Parallel and distributed programming 7,5 credits, 2nd semester.
  • Project course Distributed data processing for Ubiquitous computing 15 credits, 3rd semester. To be able to take this course you need to have passed the course Parallel and distributed programming.
  • Thesis work on the subject 30 credits, 4th semester.

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