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Master's Programme in Marketing Communication

  • 120 credits

Drawing on Stockholm Business School´s long-standing expertise in marketing communication this master programme gives you a unique opportunity in integrating advanced theoretical perspectives and methods in the social sciences to address contemporary phenomena in marketing communication.

Why study marketing communication at Stockholm Business School

Marketing communication is a practice as well as an academic discipline. As human beings living in today’s world we are affected by marketing communication in many ways. The reach of marketing communication, advertising and PR goes far beyond the realms of business, as marketing communication have a pervasive presence in contemporary societies and thus shapes the world in which we live. As future professionals in the field of marketing communication, you will need to deal with diverse new phenomena such as digitalization, media fragmentation, consumer culture and co-creation, and globalization.

Furthermore, the master programme is aligned with Stockholm Business School´s vision, where the department is respected for recognised and relevant research as well as inspirational and research-driven learning experiences. Stockholm Business School support sustainable development in society by acting as a constructive discussion partner for business, public and third sector actors. The master programme will develop the student’s ability to meet todays and tomorrows local and global challenges in a responsible manner.

This programme critically assesses both the classical and latest marketing communication theories, enabling you to analyse contemporary business situations and offer the most suitable practical solutions.

  • Enjoy the benefits of a highly skilled and experienced department.
  • The programme equips you with the knowledge and skills required to analyse contemporary and future developments within marketing communication.
  • It provides a solid background for a career in marketing communication research.

What you will learn

With a basis in the social sciences and humanities, the programme gives a theoretically grounded and practically relevant basis from which to critically analyse, understand, and work with marketing communication. The programme gives you the necessary knowledge and skills, such as analytical thinking and ability to holistically evaluate marketing communication campaigns, as well as to critically analyse the forces and practices that shape and change the future of marketing communication.

  • Programme overview

    The lenght of this programme is two years and you will obtain 120 ECTS credits and a degree in Master of Science with a main field of study in Advertising and PR. The language of instruction during the programme is English.
    During the third semester students can choose to do an internship, go on an exchange semester abroad or take electives at the university.


    Year 1

    The first and second semester consists of mandatory courses.

    Semester 1

    Marketing Communication Theory, 7,5 ects 100%
    Buyer Behavior, 7,5 ects 100%
    Communication: strategic & Cultural Perspectives, 7,5 ects 50%
    Digital Marketing and E-commerce 7,5 ects 50%

    Semester 2

    Contemporary Challenges in Marketing Communication, 7,5 ects 50%
    Branding: Strategic and Cultural Perspectives, 7,5 ects 50%
    Project work, 7,5 ects 50%
    Advanced Research Methods in Advertising and PR, 7,5 ects 50%

    Year 2

    Semester 3

    During this semester you have several options; either stay at SBS, study at any other Swedish university or go abroad for elective courses. Or you can chooose the Reflective Practice course that combines internship with academic work.

    Elective courses, 30 ects    100%
    Studies at any of our partner universities, 30 ects    100%

    To enter the fourth semester and the degree project the student should have completed a minimum of 75 ECTS within the programme, including 52,5 ECTS from your first year and the Research Method course.

    Semester 4

    The fourth semester consists of writing a Master's dissertation, which is expected to be a scientific work with a contribution that advances research.

    Course    ECTS    Rate of studies
    Master's Dissertation in Advertising and PR, 30 ects    100%

  • How to apply

    Read more about our application process and how to apply.

  • Career opportunities

    The programme provides a solid background for students pursuing a career in marketing communication, advertising and PR in the broadest sense in private businesses, governmental agencies, or in NGOs. The programme also provides a strong background for students pursuing an academic career in research and teaching.

    After graduation students will be prepared for doctoral studies as well as for work within marketing communication in the broadest sense in private businesses, governmental agencies, or in non-governmental organizations.


  • Contact

    For more information about this programme, please contact our Academic Advisors.