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Master's Programme in Operations Management and Control

  • 120 credits

Are you interested in finding solutions to complex managerial problems and creating value for customers? Our two-year master's programme in Operations Management and Control will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to manage the dynamic challenges of modern businesses and organizations.

The Master programme in Operations Management and Control at Stockholm Business School will prepare you for an exciting and challenging future career in services and manufacturing, in Sweden and around the world.

Operations management is the activity of managing the resources devoted to the production and delivery of products and services. It involves the design, management and improvement of services, processes and supply chains. For instance, operations management makes sure the right product reaches the right store at the right time; it makes sure staffing levels are sufficient to meet demand at a hospital or at a call center; and it is makes sure a product is manufactured and delivered to the consumer in the most resource efficient way.

Managing operations efficiently and effectively is thus crucial not only to businesses but to society as well. During the course of the programme, you will learn advanced theories and methods for analyzing and improving operations, as well methods for analyzing the financial implications of operations improvements. This is an exceptional opportunity to study operations management from a strategic perspective with focus on business development.

High employability

The programme is given in close collaboration with businesses an other organizations to address relevant challenges for managers in the field.

Renowned faculty and institution

Stockholm Business School is one of the top Scandinavian business schools. Creative thinking and critical reasoning are guiding principles and courses are based on the latest scientific research. Stockholm University is on the list of the 100 best universities in the world and has been characterized by openness and innovation since 1878.

Unique programme

This programme offers a unique possibility for students to learn operations management and control from a strategic, financial and business development perspective. Moreover, this programme benefits significantly from being given by a university integrated business school that cooperates closely with other faculties.

What you will learn

As a graduate of this programme you will be able to see the big picture and evaluate all the different steps that go into producing and delivering a product or service and locating areas of improvement. You will learn to handle the often complex process of change in businesses and organisations.

The mandatory courses address the topic area at three different levels:

  • Fundamental tools, which include methods and tools used to analyse, understand, improve and visualise processes and financial figures.
  • Value creating processes, which for example concern models that aid the design of effective flows of products, services, capital and information from suppliers to end customers.
  • Strategic impact, which includes perspectives and models about leading organisations and understanding the financial and strategic implications of transforming an organisation’s operations.


  • Programme overview

    Please note, it is not possible for SBS students with a "Master´s degree in Sceince with a main filed of study in Accounting", to pursue another Master´s degree with a main field of study in Accounting, through this program.


    Year 1

    First and second semester consists of 8 mandatory courses.

    Courses semester 1

    Operations Strategy, 7,5 ECTS 100%
    Business Analytics: Data, Models and Decisions, 7,5 ECTS 100%
    Financial Statement Analysis, 7,5 ECTS 100%
    Supply Chain Management, 7,5 ECTS 100%

    Courses semester 2

    Current Research in Accounting & Operations Management, 7,5 ECTS 100%
    Advanced Research Methods in Accounting and Operations Management 7,5 ECTS 100%
    Advanced Operations Management 7,5, ECTS 100%
    Management Control Systems in Private and Public Sector 7,5 ECTS 100%

    Year 2

    Semester 3

    During this semester you have several options - either take elective courses at Stockholm Business School or at any Swedish university, go abroad for one semester to study elective courses or choose the Reflective Practice course that combines internship with the academic work.

    Elective courses, 30  ECTS   100%
    Studies abroad at one of our international partner universities    30 ECTS   100%
    To enter the fourth semester and the degree project the student should have completed a minimum of 75 ECTS within the programme, including 52,5 ECTS from your first year and the Research Method course.

    Semester 4

    The fourth semester consists of writing a master's dissertation in Accounting with a specialization in Operations Management. The thesis is expected to give a substantial contribution to research. Students are expectd to write in pairs.

    Master's Degree in Accounting with a specialization in operations management, 30 ECTS   100%

  • How to apply

    Read more about our application process and how to apply.

  • More information

    "The shift from selling point products to value based solution sales processes require organisations to transform their operations strategy. Operating models of tomorrow must be able to integrate processes, governance and performance metrics across functional borders and company brands in order to deliver a cohesive and superior customer experience while at the same time staying profitable through operational excellence. The new master’s programme in Operations Management and Control at Stockholm University is well positioned to equip students for leading roles on this transformation."

    Dag Sagfors, IBM Global Services - Strategy & Transformation

  • Career opportunities

    This programme provides a solid platform for a future career of managing operations in Sweden and internationally. To ensure high employability the program is in clsoe collaboration businesses and other organizations, making sure the courses address relevant challenges for managers in the field. Upon completion, common positions include: management consultant, management trainee, supply chain planner, operations developer, strategic buyer/procurer, business controller, production/services leader and project leader.

  • Contact

    For more information about this programme, please contact our Academic Advisors.