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Baltic Breakfast: Increased consumption of seafood from a sustainability perspective


Datum: fredag 18 juni 2021

Tid: 08.30 – 09.15

Plats: Online

Summer vacation is approaching with lots of chances of barbecues. But what shall we eat? Will increased consumption of seafood benefit food sustainability and the marine ecosystems? What can science tell us about environmental impact of increased seafood consumption? Are consumers interested in buying sustainable seafood?


Seafood is seen as a crucial part of sustainable consumption. Several international research projects and high-level publications highlight the importance of increasing the production of seafood in order to meet the Agenda 2030 goals. EU strategies such as Blue Economy, Blue Growth, Farm to Fork Strategy also push for seafood, not only from a consumption perspective but also for its role for local sustainable development. 

So far, many seafoods have been a minor part of the diet in many Baltic Sea countries and current consumption is limited to a few fish species that are predominantly imported. But the societal interest in products such as carp fishes, mussels, algae, etc increases. Science have studied seafoods from different sustainability aspects. Where is the science at right now? What characterizes sustainable seafoods?

Consumer interest in seafood is expected to increase but from a low level compared to meats. Why is this? How can consumer interest increase? What is the role of the consumer in the development of sustainable seafood?



Sara Hornborg, PhD in natural science, researcher, Sustainable consumption and Production at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden

Malin Jonell, PhD in system ecology, researcher, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University

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About Baltic Breakfast

Baltic Breakfast is a series of short breakfast webinars organised by the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. Their aim is to present the latest knowledge about issues of central importance to the Baltic Sea environment. The breakfast webinars are addressed to people in different sectors working for a sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region and everyone interested in environmental issues of the Baltic Sea. 

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