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Masterprogram i Global politisk ekonomi

  • 120 hp

This master program aims to introduce students to the study of Global Political Economy (GPE), and provides a comprehensive introduction to the main theoretical approaches and most pressing historical and contemporary issues in the discipline. By addressing both mainstream and critical approaches, GPE students will be encouraged to think in a reflective and challenging way about issues like global financial crisis, international trade, global distribution of labour, migration, gender politics, global security, global governance, and environment. The program highlights three main perspectives that run through all courses and will serve as guiding principles to understand the emergence of GPE and its roots and implications in world affairs today: economics, history and power. Although the ambition is to present a multidisciplinary approach to GPE, the main focus theoretically and methodologically is within the fields of economic history and international relations. The program provides the necessary tools to analyze the international community’s evolution and the making of our world order, especially in the post-War period. The program will prepare students for a professional as well as scientific career.