Research projects

Research projects

Our staff are involved in a large number of research projects. Please see the Swedish site for more information. You may also check out the personal homepages, some of them have information in English. In Swedish: Personliga hemsidor.

Interaction and Variation in Pluricentric Languages (IVIP)

Interaction and Variation in Pluricentric Languages – Communicative Patterns in Sweden Swedish and Finland Swedish is a research programme by partners Stockholm University, University of Helsinki , University of Turku and the Institute for Language and Folklore in Gothenburg.

165 projekt mnld

The Medieval Nordic Legal Dictionary (MNLD)

MNLD is a three-year project aimed at the production of a Nordic-English lexicon devoted to the vast array of legal terminology found in medieval Scandinavian texts. It was first proposed during a meeting of the ongoing Medieval Nordic Laws (MNL) project in 2010, and the dictionary is being constructed on the basis of the English translations being produced by scholars engaged in MNL.

Fornsvensk bibliografi & Svensk runbibliografi

Old Swedish bibliography & Swedish runic bibliography

Old Swedish bibliography and Swedish runic bibliography are on line bibliographies provided by the Department of Scandinavian Languages at Stockholm University.

Professional Communication and Digital Media (2016–2019)

Contact for PhD students. Editor Acta and Mins series

Professor Cecilia Falk

Cecilia Falk.

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Director of Studies Research Programme

Docent Jan Svanlund

Jan Svanlund. Foto: Johan Asplund

Room: D 568
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