On Thursday December 2, 1600, in Vivi Täckholm-salen (P building, second floor), Professor Tobias Uller from Lund University will give a seminar. 

Plasticity and Evolution  - an Entangled Affair?

Organisms are inherently responsive to their environments, but how this plasticity shapes adaptation and diversification remains a matter of debate. In this talk, I will explain why environmental responsiveness can promote evolvability and make plasticity appear to ‘take the lead’ in adaptive evolution. I will illustrate how predictions from theory can be put to the test using experimental and comparative studies. Such studies demonstrate how our ability to explain and predict evolutionary patterns – such as diversification, adaptation, and convergence – can benefit from an understanding of the mechanisms of development.

Tobias's visit is associated with being the opponent for Kalle Tunström's licentiate, which is on Friday December 3 at 1500, in P216, the room next to Vivitäckholmssalen. Kalle's title is: Investigating the basis and selection dynamics acting upon female-limited alternative life histories." John Fitzpatrick and David Wheatcroft are the examination committee. Come to hear the department seminar and then come back the next day for the first in person licentiate we've had in awhile!

Tobias won't be in the department until 1430 at the earliest on Thursday but will be around Friday morning. Anyone wanting to meet with him, then please let me know and I'll work up a schedule for Friday. PhD and postdocs are encouraged to meet with speakers so don't feel shy if you want to talk to Tobias, just email me! 

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