About the course

This course gives an introduction to area studies as scientific practice and gives the student an insight into what the study of regions entails and the theoretical and methodological discussions around the study of regions, as well as comparative regional studies. A special focus will be placed on how the social sciences can be enriched through regional and humanistic perspectives and how knowledge of language, history and culture constitutes the basis of regional studies.

Within the course the methodological knowledge will be firmly established through examples of regional studies. The focus will be on empirical studies that deal with Latin America, Turkey and the Middle East and North Africa.

The course is structured around three themes; regions as context, regions in context and comparative area studies. Through these themes we will go from a discussion on descriptive one-case studies to variable orientated and comparative cross-regional case studies.

Special eligibility requirements

Bachelor's degree in humanities, social sciences or law and English B/English 6.

More information

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Course material, fall semester 2017