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Risk Assessment and Regulation of Chemicals

Want to know more about how chemical risks are assessed and regulated? The course “Risk Assessment and Regulation of Chemicals” gives you a basic understanding of the regulatory processes in Sweden, EU and globally.

Course period spring term, period 2 part C: for correct dates see

The course is obligatory for the Master's Programme in Environmental Science - Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, but can also be attended as a freestanding course.

The course explores the general principles of regulatory risk assessment of chemicals. Concepts that will be covered include: Hazard assessment, dose-response, exposure assessment, and risk characterization. An overarching theme will be the use of different types of scientific data in risk assessment and how data are evaluated and weighed in the process. In addition, the course will introduce the system for regulating chemicals within the European Union and internationally.
It is expected that the student after taking the course will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the methodology and principles of hazard and risk assessments of chemicals
  • Demonstrate understanding of how scientific data is assessed, valued and used for hazard and risk assessment of chemicals
  • Demonstrate understanding of the chemical regulation in Europe and international agreements and treaties
  • Critically examine a risk assessment.
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