21 August: (B900)
Michaela Kreyenfeld: Unemployment and fertility: Evidence from Denmark and Germany

11 September: earlier time 11:00—12:30
Ann-Zofie Duvander: A review of family policies in Sweden related to family dynamics and fertility

25 September:
Gunnar Andersson: Suburbs, settlements and fertility patterns in the Nordic Countries

9 October: (in B900)
Sara Ström: Childbearing behavior in the light of different housing regimes

30 October:
Kenneth Wiik: Marriage intentions among young cohabitors in Norway and Sweden

6 November: earlier time 10:00—11:30 (in B900)
Marie Evertsson: Parental leave – possibility or trap? Parental-leave use and Swedish mothers’ subsequent labor-market opportunities

13 November: (in B900)
Magdalena Muszynska and Roland Rau: Cause-of-death contribution to the female-male gap in mortality in the United States

4 December:
Sara Thalberg: Student status and childbearing dynamics: The case of Sweden

17 December:
Maria Brandén: Bostadens betydelse för rörligheten på arbetsmarknaden i Sverige