20 January: (B244)
Kieron Barclay: PhD Startup Seminar: Research plan on Socio-demographic Consequences of Skewed Sex Ratios

24 January:
SPaDE Workshop with Swedish Government Agencies

3 February:
Karin Hallden, SOFI: Where Do Mothers Fare Worst? The Motherhood Wage Penalty from a Cross-National Perspective

10 February:
Ylva Almquist, CHESS: The Role of the School for Young People’s Psychological and Psychosomatic Health

17 February:
Jenny Torssander, SOFI: Child Resources and Parental Longevity

24 February: (B244)
Katharina Maul, Uni Bremen: The Influence of Occupations on Fertility Decisions

3 March:
Martin Kolk: Intergenerational Continuities in Fertility: Is there Transmission of Fertility from Extended Kin?

10 March:
Sven Drefahl: The Era of Centenarians: The Mortality of Sweden’s Oldest-Old

17 March:
Vanessa Barker: Roma Expulsions from France and Sweden: Issues of Citizenship, Security and Social Exclusion

24 March: (B244)
PAA Rehearsals: Maria Brandén, Sunnee Billingsley and colleagues

31 March:
PAA: No colloquium

7 April:
Spring vacation

13 April:
Wednesday Seminar in Sociology / SUDA Colloquium. John Östh: Using Data from Social Networking Sites to Predict the Spread of Pandemic Influenza

21 April:
Easter: No colloquium

28 April: (B244)
Jani Turunen: Adolescent Educational Outcomes after Birth of Half-sibling

5 May:
Juho Härkönen and Michael Gähler, SOFI: Intergenerational Transmission of Divorce: The Swedish Trend

12 May:
Ina Berninger, Uni Köln: Family Policies, Women’s Income, and Childbearing: Evidence from Denmark and Finland

19 May: (F800)
SWS Seminar / SUDA Colloquium. Marco Albertini, Università di Bologna: Intergenerational Support in Swedish Families: A Comparison with Southern Europe

26 May: (F800)
Giovanna Merli, Duke University: Public Policy and Fertility Change in China

2 June:
Ascension Day: No colloquium

9 June:
Karen Haandrikman: Do Geographical Roots Matter on the Partner Market? An Analysis of Swedish Marriage Fields