14 January: 15-16:30 (B900)
Sunnee Billingsley: Downward mobility, unemployment and mortality

21 January: 15-16:30 (B900)
Daniele Vignoli (University of Florence) & Anna Matysiak (Warsaw School of Economics):
Women's employment and fertility strategies in adverse institutional settings: evidence from Italy and Poland

28 January: (B900)
Sven Drefahl: How parental mortality changes with the age of the child

4 February: (B900)
Betty Thomson & Helen Eriksson: Measuring family disruption with Swedish administrative registers

11 February: (B900)
Jan Hoem: The standardized TFR (with Cornelia Mureşan)

18 February: (B900)
Oxana Sinyavskaya, Independent Institute for Social Policy (Moscow): Reconciliation policies and new trends in family policies in Russia

25 February: 15-16:30 (B900)
Jan Saarela, Åbo Akademi University, Finland: Family effects on mortality risks at adult ages: Lessons from Swedish population register data on siblings (co-authors Fjalar Finnäs, Mikael Rostila)

4 March: (B244)
Jan Hoem: The significance of significance tests

11 March: (B900)
Thomas Heberlein (Swedish Agricultural University, Umeå): Studies in hunter demography

18 March: (B900)
Eva Bernhardt: New insights on gender equality and fertility from the 2009 Young Adult Panel Survey (with Fran Goldscheider)

25 March: (B244)
Jennifer Holland (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Marriage timing and asset building
1 April

Easter week: – no colloquium

8 April: (B900)
PAA practice

15 April:
PAA – no colloquium

22 April: (B900)
Ann-Zofie Duvander: How effective are reforms promoting fathers’ parental leave use? (co-author Mats Johansson, Swedish Social Insurance Agency)

29 April: (B244)
Mölle Conference practice

6 May: (B900)
Anna Cabré, Autonomous University of Barcelona: The scarcity of women in the reproductive ages – a global problem for the 21st century?

12 May: Wednesday (B900)
John Östh: Increasing between-school variation in the performance of Swedish students: An effect of school choice?

27 May: (B244)
Daniel Hallberg (Institute for Futures Studies): Educational choice, labor market entrance, and family career – in that order?

3 June: (B900)
NDS Practice