Time: Thursdays at 13:00—14:30 (unless otherwise stated)
Place: Stockholm University, Frescati, Hus B, 9th floor, B900 (unless otherwise stated)

Jan 22: 13:00-14:30, B900
Elina Lindskog (Stockholm University): Violent Conflict and Infant Mortality in DR Congo

Jan 29: 14:00-15:30, B900 (please note different time)
Kathrin Morosow (Stockholm University): Intergenerational Transmission of Family Processes (PhD Start-up Seminar)

Feb 5: SPaDE workshop

Feb 12: 13:00-14.30, B900
Mikael Rostila (CHESS, Stockholm University): Testing the Anniversary Reaction: Causal Effects of Bereavement in a Nationwide Follow-up Study from Sweden

Feb 19: 13:00-14.30, B900
Irene Böckmann (WZB Berlin): Similarity in Different-Sex Couples' Joint Employment Pathways after the Transition to Parenthood in the US and Germany

Feb 26: 14:00-15:30, B900 (please note different time)
Rense Nieuwenhuis (SOFI): Trends in Women's Employment and Poverty Rates in OECD Countries

March 5: 13:00-14.30, B900
Magnus Bygren (Dept. of Sociology, Stockholm University), Michael Gähler, Anni Erlandsson (SOFI, Stockholm University): Do Employers Prefer Fathers? Evidence from a Field Experiment.

March 12: 13:00-14.30, B900 Joint Seminar SUDA and Department of Sociology
Gustaf Arrhenius (Institute for Future Studies): Population Ethics in the Time of Global Warming

March 19: 13:00-14.30, B900
Martin Kolk (Stockholm University): Period and Cohort Measures of Migration

March 26: 14:00-15:30, B900 (please note different time)
Kirk Scott (Lund University) and Gustav Öberg (Institute for Future Studies): National Transfer Accounts in an Ageing World

April 9: 13:00-14.30, B900
Juho Härkönen (Stockholm University), Anna Manzoni (North Carolina State University), Erik Bihagen (Stockholm University)
Gender Inequalities in Occupational Prestige across the Working Life: An Analysis of the Careers of West Germans and Swedes Born from the 1920s to the 1970s

April 14: 14:00-15:30, F800 (please note different day, time, and place)
(F800=F Hus, 8th floor, SOFI's seminar room)
Joint Seminar SUDA, SPaDE, SOFI
Melinda Mills (Oxford University): Fertile Frontiers: A Genetically-informed Approach to Fertility Research

April 16: 13:00-14.30, B900
Martin Kolk and Jani Turunen (Stockholm University): Stepfamily Prevalence in Northern Sweden, 1750-2007

April 23: 14:00-15.30, B900 (please note different time)
Marcia Carlson (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Fathers Unequal: U.S. Men as Partners and Parents in an Era of Rapid Family Change

May 21: 13:00-14.30, B900
Ognjen Obucina (Stockholm University): Union formation among the children of immigrants in Sweden

May 26: 10:00-11:30, F800 (please note different day, time, and place)
(F800=F Hus, 8th floor, SOFI's seminar room)
Joint Seminar SOFI, SUDA, SPaDE
Jane Waldfogel: Too Many Children Left Behind: The US Achievement Gap in Comparative Perspective

May 28: 13:00-14.30, B800 (note room!)
Sara Ayllón Gatnau (University of Girona, Spain): The Demands of Stepsons

June 4: 10:00-11.30, B900 (please note different time)
Wendy Sigle and Ben Wilson (London School of Economics): A Conceptual Framework for Migrant Fertility

June 8: 13:00-14:30, B800 (please note different day and different room)
Stefano Cantalini (University of Milan/SUDA) Johan Carlsson Dahlberg, Juho Härkönen (Stockholm University): Social Stratification and Fertility in Italy and Sweden

June 11: SIMSAM workshop