Baltic Breakfast: The sea as a source of PFAS


Date: Wednesday 20 September 2023

Time: 08.30 – 09.15

Location: Scandic Klara samt digitalt

PFAS are called “forever chemicals” for a reason, they never break down in nature. However, it was previously thought that these chemicals would ultimate be transported to and diluted in the oceans. But, unfortunately, the ocean has now been shown to a secondary source of PFAS.



PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) are a large group of man-made chemicals that are now found everywhere in the world, even in rainwater. The EU's Chemicals Agency, with support from Sweden and four other European countries, wants to ban the production, use, sale and imports of the entire group, with some exceptions. This is a completely new approach and something scientists have been asking about for a long time. The consultation is currently ongoing.

New research conducted by scientists at Stockholm University and their Danish collaborators has shown that PFAS that have ended up in the ocean can find their way back to land through sea spray aerosols produced when waves break. This can in turn render the world's coastal zones unsuitable for grazing and farming, and
the groundwater in these zones unsuitable for use as drinking water without costly treatment.

This Baltic Breakfast will highlight new research on PFAS – on aerosols, grazing cows and rainwater. It will also shed light on the proposed PFAS ban. Take the opportunity to ask some of the leading PFAS researchers everything you've ever wondered about this highly topical group of chemicals!



Ian Cousins, Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Stockholm University

Matthew Salter, researcher at the Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University

Moderator: Gun Rudquist, Head of Policy at Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre


Practical information

The seminar will be held on Wednesday 20 September 2023, 8.30 – 9.15 am, at Scandic Klara, Slöjdgatan 7 in Stockholm. Breakfast will be served from 8.00 am.

Physical participation requires registration here before 18 September.

The seminar will also be livestreamed at this webpage. Please do not register if you intend to follow the seminar digitally. The seminar will be recorded and can be watched afterwards at this same webpage.



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