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What is it like to study marine sciences at Stockholm University? Follow our students out on the field.



Up until now I've always been more interested in what's on land, but now I feel my interest for the sea growing.

Rebecca Edlund, a second-year student on the Bachelor’s Programme in Earth Science.


Follow a group of students doing field studies at the research vessel Electra af Askö:

Students map the Baltic seafloor

The sediment core is cut into sections with a pipe cutter. Photo: Michaela Lundell.

It's nice to see the practical application of the theory, how we measure the ocean and what the instruments are.

Katrín Agla Tómasdóttir, a second-year student in the Master's Program in Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography and Climate Physics.

Oceanography in practice

Students in the Master's course in Physical Oceanography take a break between measurements on board. Photo: Michaela Lundell

Follow a master's student in marine biology out on the Stockholm University field station Askö Laboratory, where she did her thesis work:

Master studies by the sea

Master students India Findji from a university in the Netherlands and Jonna Källås from Stockholm University comes ashore with water samples. Photo: Clare Bradshaw

I applied for the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals (SISGP) and was fortunate enough to get it

Mahmoud is a second-year master's student from Sudan who wants to make an impact. He studies the Master's Programme in Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Water Resources.

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A rich student life

Tove Sefyrin på campus Albano.
Tove Sefyrin Foto: Jens Olof Lasthein

Activities for students by students are organised all year round, almost every day, on and around campus. As a science student, the The Natural Science Faculty Club is the student association for you. If you are studying ocean and marine subjects or topics at one of the other faculties, there are also student associations there.

The faculty clubs arrange social activities, such as student pubs, seminars and career fairs. Don't miss out on game nights, the chess clubb, theatre meetings (Spex), welcoming pubs and Thursday pubs!

Become a member of the The Natural Science Faculty Club

Alexander in the lab at Niras. Photo: Jenny Rosen

Alexander Stockhaus has a master's degree in marine biology from Stockholm University and now works as an environmental consultant specialising in pollution in aquatic environments at the engineering consultancy Niras. He found the field studies to be one of the most fun and important parts of his education.

During his biology studies, Alexander also took the course Baltic Sea Ecosystem: Applications, Modeling and Management. Here he met several of the Baltic Sea Centre's researchers and advocacy and analysis officers, who highlighted the link between theoretical studies and society. The course is taught both at the Baltic Sea Centre on campus, and at the Askö Laboratory. Alexander particularly liked the field part of the course.

"I love being out in the field and working on the water!"

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