Research vessels

The Baltic Sea Centre has several ships and boats stationed at the Askö Laboratory outside Trosa. They are used for research, education, environmental monitoring and for transport to and from the field station. Anyone working with research and education related to the sea, at Stockholm University or other universities, can apply to use our vessels.

Research vessels are important basic resources at a marine research station. At the Askö Laboratory, we have provided research vessels for scientists and students since the 1970s. Our current large vessel is R/V Electra af Askö, a state-of-the-art equipped and designed to our fit several research purposes and has become an important platfom to strengthen marine research and education at Stockholm University.


The research vessel R/V Electra af Askö

Its modern technical properties of high standard makes it possible for us to understand the world below the surface already during the expedition

Christoph Humborg, Baltic Sea Centre

About the ship

R/V Electra is a 24,3 metres long and 7 metres wide ice-breaking vessel. It is equipped with technical instruments for water- sediment- and geophysical sampling. Thanks to modern ship technique and low-impact engines R/V Electra has exceptional functionality to work in a larger geographical area.

Find R/V Electra's position in real time

R/V Electra's position is updated on a live map, on the Marine Traffic webpage.

Where is R/V Electra af Askö right now?

Basic information

Length overall (LOA): 24,3 m
Length between PP: 20,1 m
Breadth: 7,2 m
Depth MLD: 3,5 m
Draught: 2,2 m
Displacement: 179 t
Main engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D16C-DMH 368kW/1800rpm
Speed: ~12 knots
Crew: 2-3 persons
Passengers: 35 persons
Proposed flag: Sweden
Material of hull: steel
Material of superstructure: aluminium
Operating range at full speed: 200 nm

Equipment for research

Multibeam: EM2040, 0.4°x0.7°, 200-400 kHz (max depth 600 m)
RTK GPS: Seapath 330+ (Position accuracy xy ±1 cm + 1 ppm RMS, z ±2 cm + 1 ppm RMS, heading accuracy 0.05°)  
Motion sensor: MRU5+ (heave/pitch/roll)
Sub-bottom profiler: Topas PS40, 24ch, parametric (35-45 kHz/1-10 kHz)
Midwater split-beam sonar: EK80, 70 kHz/200 kHz
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP): Workhorse Mariner, 600 kHz (range up to 150 m)
SVP (Sound velocity/pressure): Valeport (mounted in the hull)
SVS (Sound velocity sensor): Valeport MiniSVS
CTD: Seabird 911+, 12 x 5l, O2, turbidity, CDOM, ChlA sensors
Weather station, Vaisala WXT530
Winches: InterOcean winch on aft-deck for handling up to 1.5 ton equipment, 600 m long 11.4 mm Ø wire. InterOcean heave compensated oceanographic winch for handling of CTD and light sampling gear,  600 m long 6.5 mm Ø wire.
A-frame: 5 t
Cranes: 1 x 1,5 t, 1 x 0,5 t
Lab space: seawater intake, fume hood, lab space of 31 m²
Container space: 10 foot container on aft-deck
Device room: 14 switch displays


Everybody interested in research time on our ships and boats, has to apply via the online form below. We will return with a confirmation as soon as possible. Need advice or guidance before booking? Please contact our staff!

Apply to use ships or boats!


All prices are in Swedish SEK.

Ship   Universities Authorities Full cost price
R/V Electra af Askö        
Day-expedition(1) per hour 1 300 1 900 2 400
Expeditions - list prices(2)        
Student courses Contact Eva Lindell
2 crew per 24-hours 18 000 24 000 33 000
3 crew per 24-hours 22 000 31 000 39 000
4 crew per 24-hours 26 000 37 000 48 000
Limanda per hour 800    
Sprattus per hour 500    
Perca per hour 300    

1) Minimum charge: 4 hours
2) Cost per expeditions is calculated upon booking




Since summer 2021, the 15 metre catamaran R/V Yoldia has been used for expeditions and environmental monitoring in the Askö vicinities. Yoldia can carry out sampling in shallow waters but can also be used for research towards the Landsort Deep. There is a spacious aft deck, suitable for sampling and it is possible to stay overnight.

Ship specifics 

Built 2014
Hull material Glass fiber
Lenght (m) 14,78
Weight (tn) 23
Engines 2 x Cummins QSC8.3
Fuel Diesel
Cruising speed knts 18
Top speed knts 21
AIS AIS A, Simrad MX535B Class A
Accessories Deck lift: 2 tn/2,4 m tai 0,3 tn/10 m Generator: FischerPanda; 6 kVA
  • 12 m, speed 17 knots, max. 12 passengers
    Equipped with large working deck, crane, hydraulic winch, ADVETO navigation computer, sonar, microwave, refrigerator and toilet.


  • Sprattus (8.1 m, 30 knots, 11 persons)
    Mostly for fast transports, run by our skippers. Can be used for diving assignments and for our Falcon ROV.
  • Perca (5m, 25 knots)
    Ship officer, class VIII and boat habit required to drive. Equipped with portable chart plotter. Especially adapted for diving expeditions.
  • 3 open smaller boats with engine
  • 1 rowing boat


Christoph Humborg
Scientific leader, Baltic Sea Centre

Thomas Strömsnäs
Commander of R/V Electra 
Contact for information on expeditions or sampling with R/V Electra.  

Mattias Murphy
Skipper and technician R/V Electra

Eva Lindell
Head of Askö Laboratory
Course contact for our ships 

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