Hydrology professor Gia Destouni talks about science communication

Gia Destouni, professor of hydrology and water resources at Stockholm University, is one of the researchers discussing the impact of science communication, in the latest episode of the Stockholm University library podcast Bakom bokhyllan (Behind the Bookshelf).

Gia Destouni. Foto: Niklas Björling.

How does sound and podcasting work as a tool for the academic discussion and can knowledge change people's perception and behavior? These are a couple of the questions discussed in the Ep. #41 of Bakom bokhyllan.

Water comes into every aspect of every human being.

says Gia Destouni in the programme.

Gia Destouni underlines that water security is threatened by climate change and the importance of communicating that to the public. Science communication is often about connecting the dots. For instance sharing knowledge that links specific weather events with the general situation.

Important questions that are on professor Destounis mind, are: How do people perceive the connections of water and What is the right story to tell to facilitate understanding of the knowledge. Even when communicating with other researchers, you need to think about not only what you are telling but also how you are telling it, says Gia Destouni.

When writing her scientific articles today, Gia puts all the mathematics in the appendix and writes the explenational "story" in the text. But young researchers also need to be rewarded more for science communication, she says.

Listen to the full episode here: Ep. #41 What About Science Communication?

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Text: Jenny Rosen