The Dyrssen Award 2022 to Master's study at the Askö Laboratory

This year both prizes of the anual Dyrssen Award for to the two best Master's theses in the marine field goes to students at the Department of Geological Sciences at Stockholm University. The first prize goes to a study conducted at the Askö Laboratory. Congratulations to both winners, Thea Bisander and Emelie Ståhl!

Thea Bisander. Photo: Private.

For her study on the seasonal variation in sea-to-air methane fluxes in shallow, coastal marine environments in the Baltic Sea, and how the fluxes varied between different habitats, Thea Bisander receives the first prize of SEK 10,000.

The Master's thesis "A temporal and spatial study of CH4 sea-to-air fluxes from shallow bays in the archipelago of Stockholm and Trosa" showed large spatial as well as temporal variations. The thesis provides important information to the understanding of the contribution of marine coastal areas to the total methane budget. In her thesis, Thea Besander extends special thanks to the staff at Askö, for their help with equipment during the field studies and "for always lending a hand".

The second prize, of SEK 5,000, was also awarded to a Master's student at the Department of Geological Sciences. Emelie Ståhl receives the prize for her thesis "A test of the use of endospores of thermophilic sulfate-reducing bacteria as oceanographic tracers or bioindicators."

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About the Dyrssen Award

The Dyrssen Award is instituted by the Swedish Society for Marine Sciences, in honor of David Dyrssen (1922 - 2011), professor emeritus of analytical chemistry at the University of Gothenburg. As one of the founding members of the Swedish Society for Marine Sciences, he spent his career being an active proponent for the promotion of trans-disciplinary research for the marine sciences.

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