The Department of Public Health Sciences has a long tradition of research with so-called "big data", large quantity of information from longitudinal studies collected in large databases. Big longitudinal studies have been done on entire cohorts, where data generate valuable information about the development of various aspects of public health.


Stockholm Birth Cohort Multigenerational study

The Stockholm Birth Cohort Multigenerational Study (SBC Multigen) was established in 2018/2019, based on statistical data from the data register RELINK53. The register consists of data from 14 608 cohort members (as well as their parents, siblings, friends, and children). These data form the basis of SBC Multigen. Consequently, it is possible to follow this cohort from their birth and currently up to the age of 60. In addition, the structure of data allows us to examine and contrast the life trajectories of individuals who share genetic and/or environmental factors.

The Stockholm Birth Cohort Multigenerational Study




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