This site contain information for the staff working at the Department of Public Health Sciences at Stockholm University.

Please visit the University Staff pages to keep track on internal courses and seminars, and some other information that can be relevant to know about.

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Wednesdays 13:30-14:30

Höstterminen 2023

5 september (tis) 10-12 Institutionsstyrelsemöte (mötesrum 41)
5 September (Tue) 13-14.30 Staff Meeting/personalmöte
(Lärosal 31, Albano Hus 4, Vån 2)
27-28 September (tis) Staff Conference
3 oktober (tis) 10-12 Institutionsstyrelsemöte (mötesrum 41)
7 november (tis) 10-12 Institutionsstyrelsemöte (mötesrum 41)
7 November (Tue) 13-14.30 Staff Meeting/personalmöte
(Lärosal 22, Albano Hus 4, Vån 2)
12 december (tis) 10-12 Institutionsstyrelsemöte (mötesrum 41)
12 December (Tue) 17-TBA Christmas smorgasbord/julbord (TBA)

IS-möten/Board meetings: på svenska
Staff meetings/Personalmöten: In English

IS-möten/Board meetings: på svenska
Staff meetings/Personalmöten: In English


The Department of Public Health Sciences aims at a good and sustainable work environment. This requires that we all actively participate and together create an inclusive place to work. The department also works to ensure that all of the staff are treated in an equal and respectful manner.

Equal treatment and work environment for personnel at Stockholm University


The purpose of the local RALV group (Council for Work Environment and Equal Conditions) is to ensure equal conditions for all employees and to safeguard and improve our work environment.

The RALV group consists of representatives of all employment categories, and also includes student representatives.

  • Jenny Cisneros Örnberg (chair)
  • Jukka Törrönen (professors)
  • Cathrin Wiksell (safety representative, administration)
  • Lisa Berg (researchers)
  • Fabrizia Giannotta (lecturers)
  • Emma Carlsson (PhD students)
  • Kanwal Humayoon (students)
  • Mahsa KarimiGoudarzi (students)

Who is the department's safety representative?

Tove Sohlberg was elected as ordinary safety representative and Cathrin Wiksell was elected deputy safety representative for 2023.



For all employees

Here you can find information about terms of employment, etc.

Please note that many of the formal documents regarding your employment are in Swedish.

Contact Jenny Eklund, Head of Administration, if you have questions or need support in employee matters.

How to book a meeting room

  1. In your Outlook, open Calendar. Make sure that you see the Home ribbon.
    If not, click View and pin it down by the pin in the far right corner.
  2. Mark the time in your personal calendar and choose New Meeting. A new mail window opens. Enter appropriate information for the meeting and invite participants.
  3. In the New Meeting mail window, press the Rooms button to the right of the Location row. A list of All Rooms appears.
  4. Write PUB in the search box. You now see all five meeting rooms for PUBLICHEALTH.
  5. Choose the meeting room of your choose and click the Rooms button and OK.

Note: You will receive a confirmation mail that the meeting room is booked and you can then see the booking in the calendar for the meeting room.

How to mount calendar groups in Outlook

We suggest that you create two calendar groups, one for the general PUBLICHEALTH calendar and the five meeting rooms, and one for the Guest desks.

How to mount the PUBLICHEALTH calendar group

  1. In your Outlook, open Calendar, the icon in the bottom left corner. Make sure that you see the Home ribbon.
  2. Click on the Calendar Groups in the Managed Calendars panel in the ribbon and click “Create New Calendar Group”.
  3. Write a name for your calendar group in the dialog box. We suggest the name PUBLICHEALTH. Press OK.
  4. The Global address list is shown on your screen. Write PUB in the search box. You now see all the calendars for PUBLICHEALTH.
  5. Mark PUBLICHEALTH, PUBLICHEALTH Alba, PUBLICHEALTH Bellevue, PUBLICHEALTH Brunnsviken, PUBLICHEALTH Haga and PUBLICHEALTH Roslagstull. Click the Group Members button. Press OK.

Note: You can mark several different list items by holding down the Ctrl key and click the list item you want to choose.

How to mount the GUEST DESK calendar group

  1. In your Outlook, open Calendar, the icon in the bottom left corner. Make sure that you see the Home ribbon.
  2. Click on the Calendar Groups in the Managed Calendar panel in the ribbon and click “Create New Calendar Group”.
  3. Write a name for your calendar group in the dialog box. We suggest the name GUEST DESK. Press OK.
  4. The Global address list is shown on your screen. Write PUB in the search box. You now see all the calendars for PUBLICHEALTH.
  5. Mark all the 11 PUBLICHEALTH Guest Desks. Click the Group Members button. Press OK.

Stockholm University has a handbook for international researchers which contains information about life in Sweden, as well as information about insurance and medical care, working life at Stockholm University, accomodation in Stockholm and research funding.

Hej - Handbook for international researchers


All you need to know about moving to Sweden and working at Stockholm University.


Stockholm Dual Career Network

For partners to international researchers at the universities in Stockholm.

Stockholm Dual Career Network

The aim of this language policy is to define what language is to be used in various situations at the Department of Public Health Sciences, and thereby improve the work environment for all employees.

The Language Policy for the Department of Public Health Sciences is based on the Stockholm University language Policy and on two surveys that was administered at the department (January 2018). When the Language policy was translated into English, a minor change was made to the original Swedish text (February 8, 2019).

Language policy at PHS (149 Kb)

In order to be reimbursed for costs for medical treatment, please hand in receipts in the original to Rikard Fredriksson at the Human Resources Office with internal/external mail within six months of treatment.

Illness and medical expenses

Questions? Please contact Cathrin.

In You and Your Workplace you will get an overview of the terms of employment at Stockholm University, including changes until July 2020.

You and Your Workplace

People working at Stockholm University can find information on terms of employment, benefits, and other subjects like equality, the workplace, and the environment on web page for personnel.



Travel expenses

To claim your travel expenses, register a travel bill in Primula. Clearly state the purpose of the trip. The following documents should be scanned and attached to the travel bill:

  • Travel itinerary from travel agency or equivalent documentation (e.g. boarding card, tickets) verifying that the trip has been carried out and when
  • Conference program/agenda
  • Receipts and account statement from the bank verifying your expense 

All original receipts should be handed to Cathrin (taped on a blank A4 paper).

SU Policy for meetings and travel


As an employee at Stockholm University, you are entitled to a Wellness Benefit to spend on wellness and fitness activities.

You have to register your wellness benefit and receipts in Primula/My page/Wellness Benefit. Print the application document in Primula and scan together with the original receipt, and submit to Cathrin Wiksell.

As an employee at the University you are entitled to one hour/week of preventive health care (friskvård, i.e. wellness activities) during working hours if you are working full-time.

Wellness and Wellness benefit

Internal crisis plan

The department has an internal crisis plan that is available digitally on the shared server under staff information and in a binder in the Printomat room.

Head of Administration

Jenny Eklund,, phone +46 8 674 79 70

  • Responsible for overall planning and coordination of the administrative work at the department
  • Work management for TA-staff
  • Contract management
  • Labour legislation issues and employment
  • Purchases and procurement
  • Premises

Personel manager

Patrizia Santaro,

  • Support to managers and employees in personnel matters
  • Management of matters regarding employees (employment, leave, etc.)
  • Recruitment and introduction of new employees
  • Primula support and review

Personnel Administrator

Cathrin Wiksell,, phone +46 8 674 75 73

  • Staff administration, salaries, leave and travel expenses
  • The diary archive and archiving
  • Offices/premises, travel and bookings
  • Purchase/orders- everything except computers and licenses
  • SUKAT (SU-Account) and telephony
  • Local procurement


Yvonne Handin,, phone +46 8 16 43 22

  • Economy and accounting
  • Budget, prognosis, project accounting and follow-up
  • Personnel management

Study counsellor

Shona McLean,, phone +46 8 16 14 25 (substitute study councellor -> December 31 2022)

  • Study councelling for education at all levels
  • Contact for students with disabilities
  • Responsible for the mailbox
  • Athena administrator
  • Course evaluations

Study Administrator

Wenche Gros (on sick leave)
Mattias Engzell Liljefeldt,, (substitute study administrator)

  • Student and course administration on all study levels (basic, advanced, doctoral)
  • Responsible for mailbox
  • Lecture room bookings in TimeEdit

Administrative director of studies

Linda Rämö,, phone +45 8 674 75 61

  • Responsible for planning and implementation of administrative work and marketing related to education at all levels at the department
  • Provide support on administrative systems and routines (e.g. Ladok, SiSU och Athena)
  • Provide support on the system for individual study plans, d-ISP

Communications officer

Håkan Soold,, phone +46 8 16 23 42

  • Main responibility (webmaster) for the department's website
  • Questions regarding Visual identity and accessablility
  • Information material, printed matter, brochures and adverts
  • The department's social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Responsible for the mailbox
  • Responsible for DiVA administration

Local IT-support

Daniel Mattsson,, phone +46 8 16 43 75

  • Responsible for the mailbox
  • Responsible for software licenses
  • Purchases of computers and licenses
  • Contact with the IT department at SU

A One-time code can be used to give guests access to the wireless network "SU" during one week.

You find the page for creating the code behind the link
Write down / copy the unconfirmed one-time code that appears. It is now ready to be used to log on to the wireless network SU. The code is valid for one week.

One-time code for a larger group of people

A code can also be distributed to a larger group of people, like at an event or a workshop. Enter the name and date of the event and make a note of who has received the code. If the code is misused you will be contacted by IT-services.

Guest login to the wireless network - SU
How to connect to the wireless network - SU

All employees at the University have their own profile on the university's website. Each profile page contains basic information from the staff directory SUKAT, and users can add their own profile image, text, and publication list from DiVA, as well as links and files. The content on the profile page should be related to the user's position at Stockholm University.

Employees’ Profile Pages at SU


The handbook is an updated compilation of guidelines and procedures for PhD students and supervisors at the Department of Public Health Sciences that the Board of supervisors for doctoral studies in public health sciences consecutively have discussed, and which has been approved by the Department Board. These guidelines and procedures supplement the formal General study plan (196 Kb) .

You will find the forms specified in the handbook under Forms and regulations

In addition, the handbook includes important information about the provisions of the Higher Education Ordinance and the regulations adopted at the faculty, scientific area and university levels.

Handbook for doctoral studies in Public Health Sciences at Stockholm University (387 Kb)


The forms and regulations referred to in the General Study Plan are available at the Faculty fo Social Sciences and at the doctoral student platform.

Guidelines, rules and regulations at University and Faculty level

Rules and regulations for PhD Education at Stockholm University
Guidelines for the public defence of doctoral theses at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Individual study plan (ISP)

The forms listed below are specified in the General study plan. They are available through the doctoral student platform

  • Individual study plan - form
  • ISP form - follow-up
  • Instructions and comments to ISP form
  • Attachment to ISP - fulfilment of objectives

Protocols and other forms

The forms listed below are available through the doctoral student platform.

  • Application for Credit Transfer
  • Application for prolongation
  • Application for salary ladder advancement
  • Protocol for final reading of the thesis manuscript
  • Protocol for final review seminar
  • Protocol for half-time review seminar
  • Protocol for licentiate seminar
  • Template: Course reporting
  • Template: Credits for Higher seminars
  • Template: Credits for Journal Club
  • The doctoral student’s contribution to co-authored work in the doctoral thesis

The document are aimed at doctoral students at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm University.

The Cheat sheet is intended to serve as a guide during the hectic final stages of the thesis project.

Cheat sheet in preparation for the public defence (434 Kb)

The document Information to foreign extenal reviewers contains information about the strucure of Swedish doctoral thesis and of a public defence seminar at Stockholm University.

Information to foreign external reviewers (448 Kb)


For researchers

Here you can find advice, support, service as a researcher at the Department of Public Health Sciences and Stockholm University.

The new budget template is to used when you are applying for new grants.

Budget Template 2021 Inst 333 (16 Kb)

If you need support with the budget work, please contact Yvonne or Joachim.

Please fill in the template, attach the application and -new for this year- an account of sensitive personal data and if you will send in an application to the Swedish Ethical Review Authority if granted funding.

Send all the application paperwork to:
1. Mikael,
2. Jenny CÖ,
3. Jenny E and
4. Yvonne
at least five (5) workdays before the deadline.

Please note that all applications must have a formal approval before they are submitted!

Information from the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services

Behind the link below, you will find a document with information about procedures for externally funded research.

Procedures for externally funded research

Stockholm University offers a range of courses and programmes in the Swedish language, designed especially for international students and visitors. The courses are run by the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism (Institutionen för svenska och flerspråkighet).

Courses for employees working at Stockholms University

The courses are designed to give a basic comprehension of Swedish language and culture to foreign employees working at Stockholm University, in order to enhance every day communication in the academic environment. The courses are concluded with a final test. You apply directly to us on an application form,that has to be signed by your supervisor at your department at Stockholm University.

Several of the Offices within the University Administration offer their services and support to researchers at Stockholm University.

Services for research

Contact information

Information about how to register in DiVA, why you need to register your publications from Stockholm University, and about parallel publishing.

Register in DiVA

Questins about publishing?

At, you get valuable information about publishing.

Publishing support at Stocholm University

There is a requirement that peer-reviewed publications should be published in Open Access. On this page you will find some useful information regarding Open Access and Open data i Horizon 2020.

Open access and Open data

All new compilations of research funding opportunities are published by the Office for Research.

Research funding calls


For teachers

Information related to your teaching in Public health sciences

The study administrative team at our department now consists of:

Galara Eriksson, Study administrator (substitute study administrator)
Wenche Gros, Study administrator (on sick leave)
Shona McLean, Study counsellor
Linda Rämö, Administrative director of studies

In all matters regarding study administration (e.g. lecture room bookings, registration of students and grades in Ladok, course sites in Athena and course evaluations), please email:
In matters concerning study counselling or students with special pedagogical support, please email:


CeUL has gathered information and material around teaching and learning on their webplace. The resources regard topics like learning objectives, grading criteria, examination, plagiarism, course evaluations, IT, and equal treatment.

Resources at CeUL

The Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL) offers several courses in advancement of university teaching, workshops, and activities for all teachers at Stockholm University.

Education at CeUL

If you are employed at our department or accepted as a doctoral student, it can be good to know that the courses given in advancement of university teaching can be credited within the framework of the course part of the dissertation.

Stockholm University also requires that all doctoral students who want to teach at undergraduate or advanced level must have a higher education pedagogical education.

Stockholm University provides education at the first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle level. This document contains national statutes and regulations for first-cycle and second-cycle education, as well as local, common core regulations for courses, programmes and examinations in these two cycles at Stockholm University.

Regulations for education and examination at first-cycle and second-cycle level
Regulations for education and examination at first-cycle and second-cycle level

  • If the Printomat malfunctions, send an e-mail to the Technician Group ( who fixes the problem.
  • If your computer malfuntions, talk to our local IT-support or call Helpdesk at 08-16 1999.
  • If something else is broken, register the problem directly in the Service portal or report the error via e-mail to administrator.
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