Our researchers and doctoral students continuously produces a large amount of publications with high scientific quality. Since 1999, all publications are registered in DiVA, the Digital Scientific Archive.

For easy access to our publications, please follow the link to DiVA, the Digital Scientific Archive, at Stockholm University. Information on our publications is also available under Reseach projects and Research groups.

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Dissertations in Public Health Sciences, including CHESS and SoRAD

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List of all dissertations published at the Department of Public Health Sciences, the former research centres CHESS and SoRAD included.

Dissertation list


In our report series, "Research Reports in Public Health Sciences"(RRPHS), we publish scientific reports, working papers, and technical reports. Note that the reports are not peer-reviewed. ISSN: 2003-0142.

Editor: Ylva B Almquist (

Our reports

RRPHS 2021:1

Ylva B Almquist, Christoffer Åkesson & Lars Brännström
"An applied guide to quantitative methods with Stata"
Download PPRHS 2021:1

RRPHS 2020:1

Eva Samuelsson & David Forsström
"Utbud av stöd och behandling för spelproblem. Uppföljning av förtydligat ansvar i lagstiftningen"
Download RRPHS 2020:1

RRPHS 2019:2

Ylva B Almquist, Signild Kvart & Lars Brännström
"A practical guide to quantitative methods with SPSS"
Download RRPHS 2019:2

RRPHS 2019:1

Jessica Storbjörk, Erik Antonsson & Kerstin Stenius
"The Swedish Addiction Treatment System: Government, Steering and Organisation. Technical Report"
Download RRPHS 2019:1

RRPHS 2018:3

Jannike Kjellström & Gabriella Olsson
"Psykisk ohälsa bland unga. Betydelsen av skolors sociodemografiska egenskaper och arbetsmiljö."
Download RRPHS 2018:3

RRPHS 2018:2

Jannike Kjellström, Isabelle Holmin von Saenger, Emelie Löfgren Jarl & Bitte Modin
"Technical report for the Teacher Survey with linkage to the Stockholm School Survey."
Download RRPHS 2018:2

RRPHS 2018:1

David Forsström & Eva Samuelsson
"Utbud av stöd och behandling för spelproblem. En studie om utmaningar inför förtydligat ansvar i lagstiftningen."
Download RRPHS 2018:1

RRPHS 2017:1

Eva Samuelsson, Kristina Sundqvist & Jenny Cisneros Örnberg
"Spelares upplevelser av förändringar i vanor och problem. En kvalitativ studie om spel om pengar"
Download RRPHS 2017:1

Our publications in DiVA

In DiVA (The Digital Academic Archive) you will find all publications by Stockholm University’s researchers and educators from year 2007.

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