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Online learning at Public Health Sciences during the corona pandemic

Due to the current situation with the corona pandemic, all teaching at the Department of Public Health Sciences will be held online during the spring term 2021.

Online learning during the spring term 2021

Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students

The FAQ will be updated when there are new regulations and directives from the Swedish Government and when new decisions are taken by the University, so please check back regularly for updates.

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Credit transfer

Please use the Credit transfer form (157 Kb) which can be filled in electronically, but must be printed and signed before sent or handed in to the department. Attach a transcript of records, a course syllabus and course description to your application.

Please note that you cannot transfer credits from your access programme (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent), and that your application, when approved, cannot be withdrawn.

Find out more about Credit transfer at Stockholm University Student pages


Leave and discontinuation of studies

If you are enrolled in a study programme, you may apply for leave of studies if you have valid reasons to get the study leave approved, such as illness, parental leave, military service, or student union engagements.

The rules and regulations concerning leave of studies are stated in the Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 7, §33 and the Statute Book of the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHRFS 2016:1).

Please use the application form to apply fo leave of studies from Master's programme in public health sciences: Societal and individual perspectives, 120 ECTS.

Leave of studies Form (54 Kb)

The reasons for your application for leave of studies must be certified, for example by a doctor’s certificate. When your application is approved the decision will be documented in Ladok, and you will receive a certificate stating the time period of your leave of studies.

During your leave of studies, you cannot be registered on courses within the programme, and by that you are not allowed to attend lectures and seminars, or take exams.

It is possible for the Director of Studies to approve of leave of studies for other reasons than those mentioned above, and only if there are places available on the programme the term when you wish to return to studies.

If you are unable to continue your studies and do not intend to complete the programme, it is important that you contact the Department of Public Health Sciences, so that we can de-register you to confirm that you are no longer active. In this case, please send an email to studievagledare.publichealth@su.se giving your full name and social security number, and we will confirm your de-registration.


Plagiarism, self-plagiarism and cheating is not allowed at Stockholm University, and it is important that you follow the rules and regulations concerning these matters. All suspicion of plagiarism, self-plagiarism and cheating is reported to the Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University who will decide if the matter should be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.
Your rights and responsibilities

Stockholm University Student Union (SUS) have compiled information for students at Stockholm University, who need to know more about what will happen in a case of suspicion of cheating and plagiarism.

More information to be found at SUS' website


As an enrolled student with a documented disability – regardless of whether you are studying at bachelor's, master's or PhD level – you can apply for special pedagogical support in connection with your studies at Stockholm University.

The assessment of support that may be required is made individually, taking into account your abilities and disabilities in relation to the curriculum of the studies you have chosen.

How to apply for special pedagogical support:

Support for students with disabilities

You are also advised to contact the study counsellor at our department well ahead of time in order to get help with planning your studies at Stockholm University.


Our vision at the Department of Public Health Sciences is to offer all students a stimulating study environment with good learning conditions. The Department of Public Health Sciences should be an open and welcoming environment where all students, teachers and other members of the staff are treated equally, met with respect and have equal rights and opportunities regardless of ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender, transgender identity or expression, religion or other beliefs, social background or age.

If a student perceives to have been a victim of harassment or discrimination, this will be handled in accordance with Stockholm University's "Plan for Equal Rights and Opportunities".

Harassment and victimisation


Study counselling

You are welcome to contact the study counsellor at our department if you are interested in studying with us, or if you are a student at our department and have questions and concerns regarding your education or study situation.

The study counsellor is also our department’s contact person for students with disabilities.

Email: studievagledare.publichealth@su.se

Office hours by appointment.

Study counsellor
Study administrator
Coordinator, master's programme
Director of Studies, Basic and advanced levels
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