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Are you driven by curiosity and challenges? Reach new levels and grow as an educator by becoming a PhD student at the Department of Teaching and Learning.

The Department of Teaching and Learning is an interdisciplinary research environment. Our researchers are specialized towards teaching and learning in preschool, elementary, secondary and upper secondary school as well as higher education.

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PhD Student positions

Available PhD Student positions at Stockholm University are posted online with information on the application process:

PhD Student positions 

Education at postgraduate level is a unique opportunity to try to understand a subject in depth. If you pursue postgraduate studies full-time, four academic years are required to achieve a PhD. You can get a licentiate degree after two years of full-time study. Read more:

PhD studies at Stockholm University 

Upcoming announcements

The Department of Teaching and Learning regularly issues calls for salaried PhD positions. 


Our next projected call for candidates with a focus on mathematics and science education will be on 15 March 2024, program starts 1 September 2024. 


Calls for PhD positions in language education and teaching and learning with specialisation in arts, humanities, and social science education are planned for 2025.

About the application

Applications need to include a CV, copies of relevant degrees and diplomas, a personal letter and a research plan outlining the proposed research project. More specific details will be available in conjunction with the call.

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