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The Department of Teaching and Learning educates students who will teach at different levels. For international students we have some freestanding courses given in English.

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The Teacher Education Programmes at the The Department of Teaching and Learning prepare and qualify teachers for the real demands of working life and are based on and closely associated with our research.

If your home university has an agreement with our department you can be nominated to come as an exchange student.

How to apply as an exchange student

Information for incoming exchange students


Courses in English for international students

The Department of Teaching and Learning offers some freestanding courses in English. If you are interested in teaching and learning, taking one of our courses may be very rewarding. Read about our subjects:

Education in Culture and Society 
Language Education 
Mathematics Education 
School Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Arts 
Science Education 
Swedish as a Second Language  

Teacher Training Placement for Exchange Students 
Teaching English to Pupils Aged 9-13 

There are different steps you need to go through when applying to a course:

How to apply as an international student 


PhD Studies

The Department of Teaching and Learning is an interdisciplinary research environment. Our researchers are specialized towards teaching and learning in preschool, elementary, secondary and upper secondary school as well as higher education.

We offer Phd studies in Language Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education and Teaching and learning with Specialisation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Education, and we participate in several national and regional research schools.

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Our courses at postgraduate level (in Swedish)

Our graduate schools (in Swedish)

Available PhD student positions at Stockholm University

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