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New conferences hosted by the Department of Teaching and Learning will be advertised on this page together with recurring events.

DiS is a yearly drama research conference occuring in late October. Its purpose is to offer a meeting platform for active researchers in drama and to present current research to the general public.




Our research groups arrange several seminars each semester. Get in touch with the contact person of each group for more information.

Research groups

SAMTAL@SU is the Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning seminar series organised in cooperation with the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching.

The seminars invite internationally established discipline-based researchers in university science and mathematics education to give a research presentation followed by the possibility for more informal discussions (samtal). If you are interested in having one of the SAMTAL@SU seminars at your department please contact John Airey and we will be happy to arrange it!


MERS invites speakers from our department as well as external guests to present and discuss current research.

For more information please contact Anna Pansell.



At the Department of Learning and Teching we sometimes arrange various workshops. Some examples are:

Within the framework of a research project, a series of workshops are conducted with the aim of gaining an overview of pedagogical terminology from an educational perspective. These workshops take place twice a year, one in the autumn and one in the spring.

For more information, contact Anja Kraus.

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