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Master's Programme in Medical Physics

The master’s programme in medical physics is a five-year-long vocational education that combines your interest in physics with applications in medicine. You will study how radiation is used within health care to diagnose and treat diseases. During the latter part of the programme, you will undergo practical training at the hospital.

A medical physicist is an expert in diagnostic methods and radiation therapy. Modern healthcare is experiencing rapid technological advances,
and there is a need for both a detailed knowledge of basic biological effects and in advanced physical models. As a medical physicist, you can
also work in radiation protection or in research and development. After
completing the 5-year Master’s programme, you can apply for a license to
work as a medical physicist in a clinical environment, together with medical doctors and other personal. The license is granted by the National Board of Health and Welfare, and it is important to note that obtaining the license requires you to have good working knowledge of Swedish. From year three most of the courses are given in English.