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Master's Programme in Design for Creative and Immersive Technology

Life has changed profoundly with the arrival of the digital age, but we are still only in the infancy of the development. Innovative technology and the ways we interact with it has facilitated social connections and sped up communication infrastructure, but also disrupted older media and foundational societal structures.

While society is still struggling to grasp the effects of social media and smartphones, further developments are rapidly underway in creative and immersive technologies such as the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, eXtended Reality, Artificial Intelligence to name only a few.

In a chaotic and rapidly changing technological landscape, there is an urgent need to understand all three core aspects of design: technology itself, users in their socio-cultural context and the potential implications for society of design of creative and immersive technologies. 

This program will train you to invent, design and build new technology, while heeding users’ practices in context as well as taking potential societal transformations into consideration.

The programme is directed towards students with previous degrees with a technical background in computer and systems sciences.

New selection criteria for the 2024 intake!
The selection is made from the following three criteria:

  • Grades of academic courses,
  • mandatory motivation letter and
  • the relevance of previous studies in relation to the programme.

It is therefore very important to submit a motivation letter.
Find instructions for the motivation letter under “How to apply” below.

Meet our teachers

Not knowing is the whole point

Jordi Solsona Belenguer views himself more as an enabler rather than as a teacher.

Jordi Solsona Belenguer Foto: Carina Bergholm

He is however main teacher, as well as programme coordinator, for the Master's Programme in Design for Creative and Immersive Technology – a two-year master at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV. Earlier this year he was awarded “Teacher of the year”.

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