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Master's Programme in Marketing

This master’s programme aims to produce formative knowledge and experiences by which students learn to think innovatively, to develop their self-knowledge and their drive, and to implement these capacities for qualified management positions, both in Sweden and internationally, as well as for continued doctoral studies in the field of marketing.

Why study marketing at Stockholm Business School

Drawing on Stockholm Business School's long-standing expertise in marketing, strategic communication and consumer studies, this programme integrates advanced theoretical perspectives and methods in social sciences to address contemporary phenomena in consumer and business marketing.

Marketing is a practice as well as an academic discipline. As human beings living in today’s world we are affected by marketing in many ways beyond business issues. As future marketers, students of the CBM programme will need to deal with diverse new phenomena such as audience fragmentation, corporate social responsibility and service dominant logic. This programme critically assesses the latest marketing theories, enabling you to analyse contemporary business situations and offer the most suitable practical solutions.

  • Enjoy the benefits of a highly skilled and experienced department.
  • The programme equips you with the knowledge and skills required to analyse contemporary and future developments within marketing.
  • The program provides you with a solid background for a career in marketing and consumer research.

What you will learn

The programme gives you the necessary knowledge and skills, such as analytical thinking and ability to holistically evaluate marketing configurations, to critically analyse the forces and practices that shape and change the future of marketing. Through this process you will be able to better understand and evaluate markets, organisations and communities.