Master's Programme in Marketing, 120 credits

About the programme

This master’s programme aims to produce formative knowledge and experiences by which students learn to think innovatively, to develop their self-knowledge and their drive, and to implement these capacities for qualified management positions in government, on markets, in companies, and in other organizations, both in Sweden and internationally, as well as for continued doctoral studies in the field of marketing. The programme draws on Stockholm Business School’s long-standing expertise in marketing, strategic communication and consumer studies, and is built around a plethora of social science and humanities perspectives that enables problematizing and critical-creative analyses of events, tendencies, and changes in modern society, culture, and business life, and thereby creates an understanding of how we, in interaction with these phenomena are formed as thinking, feeling, and acting human beings. During the third semester you can choose to take electives at the university, go on an exchange semester abroad, or do an internship (given that you arrange the connection with a relevant company). The teaching language is English.

How to submit your GMAT/ GRE result:

Step one: Upload your score report on your account at or send in a copy of the report to:

University Admissions in Sweden

FE 20102

SE–839 87 Östersund


Step two: Make sure that your test-center submits your result to the correct GMAT/ GRE code.

For more information and an overview of the program please refer to education website.

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