Associate Professor 

Department of Meteorology

I have a broad background and scientific interests spanning various topics of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics. The focus of my current research is on mesoscale- and regional ocean circulation, its space-time variability as well as ocean interactions with cryosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. I position myself at the interface of modeling, theory and observations. In my research, I employ regional ocean modelling, Lagrangian analysis, statistics and data analysis (including development of analysis methods like machine learning) of observations and model output, and seek theoretical underpinnings of the modelled and observed processes. My studies often involve the concepts of Lagrangian dispersion and eddy diffusivity: questions about the estimation of these quantities and their applications as mixing diagnostics and their relevance to model parameterizations. My main regional study domain encompasses the Nordic Seas including Greenland Ice Sheet-ocean interactions, and the Baltic Sea.