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Marine modelling – Baltic Nest Institute

Baltic Nest Institute (BNI) is an international research alliance between Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre, The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water ManagementAarhus University and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). BNI was established in 2007 to continue the research conducted in the international research programme MARE (1999-2006).

The Baltic Nest Institute is responsible for the Nest system, a decision support system aimed at facilitating adaptive management of environmental concern in the Baltic Sea. Nest can be used to calculate required actions needed to attain politically agreed targets for the Baltic Sea ecosystem. The main focus of the model is on eutrophication and the flows of nutrients from land to sea. 

Baltic Nest Institute Sweden participates in several national and international projects aiming to understand the environmental problems in the Baltic Sea and show the consequences of different courses of action using marine modelling. Some of these projects are presented below.


More information about BNI

Baltic Nest Institute Sweden
Stockholms University Baltic Sea Centre

Contact at BNI Sweden:
Bo Gustafsson,
+46 8 674 7593

Baltic Nest Institute Denmark
Aarhus University

Contact at BNI Denmark:
Jacob Carstensen,
+45 871 58 596

Berit Hasler,
+45 871 58 637

Baltic Nest Institute Finland
Finnish Environment Institute

Contact at BNI Finland:
Vivi Fleming-Lehtinen,
+358 295 251 879

The Nest System

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