The project is known as Kunskapsnod Svealandskusten in Swedish and the final product is expected to be much more than a database and a useful website. The project is implemented in close cooperation with Umeå Marine Research Centre, where a parallel project aims to cover the Gulf of Bothnia.

A large network

The Baltic  Centre would like to work closely with the region's major agencies and stakeholders to create a website that:

  • is aimed at both the general public and the actors in the environment
  • provides an easy yet reliable and detailed description of the state of the environment along the Svealand Coast.
  • presents the area as a whole, but also provides information on individual basins.
  • shows processed data in the form of annotated figures and tables focused on the environmental condition and trends.
  • collects and links to relevant websites and other materials in the form of reports, theses, scientific publications, news and other articles.
  • explains and elaborates on important events, for example in the form of animated figures showing how certain processes or variables have changed over time.
  • demonstrates the skills available in the region, and helps to strengthen cooperation in the network for marine environmental issues in the region.

We want to give real opportunities to establish better links between science, society and environment management, provide guidance in the interpretation of environmental data, and demonstrate the knowledge and skills available in the region at different levels. Our reference group, our list of experts, and the newsletter are important parts of that ambition. It is our hope that this will help raise awareness of what is being done, and by whom, and also increase the general awareness of the marine environment in the region.

Long-term work

This project is still in the development phase, and aims to launch the first version of the website in fall 2013. The site will develop and grow in the years to come.

The project will use the existing platform, where several of the specialized features needed to realize the project have already been implemented. This allows for swift development and helps keep costs low. In addition, the 20.000 monthly visitors to will give the new sites a boost when launched, resulting in rapid impact.