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Interview for television with a female researcher, outside Stockholm University
At SOFI, we have a number of prominent researchers and many make repeated statements in the media. Photo: Eva Dalin



Press contact

Are you a journalist looking for research expertise in a specific subject? At the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), we have contact persons for the press during office hours. With enough advance notice, we can find a researcher to participate in your outlet.



Daniel Rossetti
Communicator and web editor.
Phone: +46 (0) 76-696 28 58 (also for text messages)


Stockholm University's central press office

When we can not answer, we suggest that you contact the university's central press service. The university's press service conveys current events from Stockholm University's research , education and other activities, and handles publicity and media enquiries.

The press telephone is staffed on weekdays at 7-21 and weekends at 8-21.

To the press service



At SOFI, we have a number of prominent researchers in research fields such as social policy, welfare, inequality, health and the labour market. Many make recurring appearances in the media.

If you have the name of the researcher you are looking for, you can find contact information for all employees at SOFI on our contact page.

To Contact

If you are looking for an expert in a research field or subject, you can either contact our communicator (see contact information above) or have a look at our research projects and publications. You can also search our annual reports, where the work of each researcher is described in detail (in Swedish only)

Research at SOFI

Here you find our annual reports



We highlight research with special relevance to the public and policymakers through articles on our websites. Stockholm University also sends press releases via the service MyNewsDesk (in Swedish), and research from SOFI is often included in those releases.

Here you find our research news


The latest press releases from SOFI

Press releases from Stockholm University's central press service are sent via the MyNewsDesk service. Here are the latest press releases regarding research from SOFI (in Swedish).

2022-03-29  Men face a greater risk of ethnic discrimination in the labour market

2021-07-06  This is how wage discrimination against dark-skinned football players in England ended

2021-04-09  We follow our older siblings' choice of higher education

2020-09-10  Alcohol-related mortality affects people with a lower level of education most when alcohol consumption increases

2019-12-04  Singles without children new risk group for poverty



The Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) is on Twitter. There we share our research news, give tips about our research seminars and write about new research projects at the institute. We tweet in both Swedish and English.

Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) on Twitter



SOFI is affiliated with the Swedish Research Council's service Expertanswer ("Expertsvar"). A large network of research communicators provide tips on relevant researchers and how they can be reached. The Expertanswer service is run by the Swedish Research Council in close collaboration with all Swedish universities, a number of research institutes and other research funders.



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