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During your chemistry studies at Stockholm University there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Please read the below information carefully.

If you have any questions, reach out to the Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office. If we cannot help you we are sure we can point you in the right direction.


Welcome to all newly admitted masters students and those of you joining for course work!

Congratulations on getting admitted!

All the relevant information will be sent to you by e-mail. 

The roll calls for the first course of the semester will be as per below.

Link to course page, Advanced Methods in Biochemistry

Roll-call will be held at 10.00 on August 29th. More information will be posted shortly.

Link to course page, Advanced Separation Methods

Roll-call will be held at 9.15 on August 29th in Arrhenius, A507

You will need an access card to get into the department. These cards are issued by the Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office. 

Details of how to get to the Student Office can be found on this page


What you need to know, course information, schedule, litterature...

There are plenty of things you need to know and keep track of before you start studying at Stockholm University. Don't worry, read through this list and ask us if anything is unclear. Number 1 and superduper important is to activate your university account. Once that is done everything will will sort it self out!

Information about your courses, schedule and course literature can be found on the course page in the course catalog. Type in the course/programme code/name in the search field and find your course info.

Schedule will be published about three weeks before the course starts.

Link to course catalouge

At the start of your studies with us you need to activate your student account, and familiarize yourself with our learning platform.

Most of our courses use Athena to communicate about the course. To access the course page in Athena, your student account must be activated and you must be registered for the course.

Link to student IT-services

Important information is frequently sent by e-mail to the address listed in our student admin system Ladok. We therefore recommend that you in the Ladok system change to the e-mail address that you actively use.

Ladok for students

As a student in chemistry, you have access to a computer room, kitchenette, study places and even your own locker.

KÖL, computer room, student halls, kitchen and lockers

If you need special educational support, you can apply for support and adaptations. You should apply as soon as possible after you have been admitted in order to receive the best possible support.

How to apply for support

When you have your Nais certificate, contact the study counsellor for a meeting where we go through those adjustments.

Our courses normally have a high proportion of scheduled teaching, in many courses you are expected to be on campus most of the day, Monday through Friday.

Because the pace of study is high, even occasional absences can make it more difficult to follow the remaining teaching. It is the course coordinator who decides on a case-by-case basis whether absence can be accepted or not, and decides on any compensation assignment.

If you are forced to miss compulsory parts due to illness or other reasons, you should contact the course leader as soon as possible.

In case you fall ill, link to SU information


Roll-call and registration

At the start of each new course there will be a roll-call, which is mandatory. If your are not present, you will, not be alowed to enroll in the course. Time and place for roll-calls will be posted in the schedules which can be found in the course catalouge.

Link to course catalouge

Depending if you are studying on first or second level, registration for courses will differ. Please read more below.

If you can not attend the roll-call, you need to contact us on in order to keep your seat.

First level courses require online registration.

You register using your student account in LADOK.

Link to student LADOK

You will be registered by administrators after the roll-call. If you need a registration prior to the roll-call, let us know on

Please note that roll-calls for courses are mandatory. 

If you want to retake a course, i.e. be re-registered, you must contact the Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office on about a week before the course starts.

Re-registration takes place subject to availability and if eligibility for the course is met. Our lectures are not open to the public and you are not allowed to participate in laboratory work unless you are registered for the course.

For some courses, the interest in re-registration is great and the number of places is limited, which may lead to re-registration not being possible in the current semester.


Student rights and responsibilites

Here we’ve collected information on some of the most important rights and responsibilities that you have as a student.

Your rights as a student come in part from laws and regulations and in part from local precepts at Stockholm University.

Please review information carefully as the consequences of not following rules and regulations can be grave.

Link to SU information on student rights and responsibilities


Introductory courses for new PhD students at the Chemistry section

The Chemistry Section gives a series of introductory courses for the sections own PhD students every year. The courses are also open to post docs, subject to availability. To join a course or to enquire about further information, please contact the course coordinator.

Introductory courses for PhD students at the Chemistry section



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