Multidisciplinary Smart Exploration Research Centre for Critical Raw Materials

Stockholm University researcher Dr Iain Pitcairn from the Department of Geological Sciences is a collaborator on a successful application to the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF – Stiftelse för Strategisk Forskning) to develop a multidisciplinary research centre in sustainable supply of critical raw materials (CRM) to address issues concerning the energy transition and climate action.

The “Smart Exploration Research Centre” will be led by Uppsala University and is a broad consortium of academic and industry expertise with Stockholm, Göteborg and Lund Universities partnering Uppsala and Epiroc, Nordic Iron Ore, First Quantum Minerals, Tyréns, Smarkand, BitSimNow, Euro Battery Minerals and Amkvo from industry in the fields of geoscience, nanotechnology, data analytics, tech, drone, and robotic solutions, as well as drilling technologies.

Through a national competition, the centre proposal has secured 60 MSEK from SSF and is expected to kick-off January 2024 with a 6-year lifetime. The centre aims to be a fast-track hub for emerging needs of CRM exploration in Sweden, the Nordic region and beyond. The centre has the support of the Nordic geological surveys and global exploration and mining companies for exchanging knowledge, mobility, and joint R&D projects.

Information on the grant from SSF (in Swedish and english) can be found here: